A very strong essay from the New York Post:

NO one familiar with our nation's increasingly dysfunctional public schools should have found it surprising that Colorado high-school teacher Jay Bennish delivered a 20-minute, anti-American rant straight out of Noam Chomsky and Michael Moore to his 10th grade geography class. Bennish was somewhat cruder than your average leftist teacher - but he is not unique. Smoother, more effective Bennishes are everywhere in our great American high schools. That's one reason why our graduates are so full of self-esteem and have all the right attitudes, but actually know less math, science and history than their counterparts in most of the world's industrialized nations.

Political indoctrination in our universities gets some attention, but it is more widespread and dangerous in our elementary and high schools. The younger the students are, of course, the less likely are they able to withstand - or even detect - attempts at social and political thought control in the classroom.

And, where the professoriate denies that it favors using the classroom as a political bully pulpit, the K-12 public school establishment has adopted a quasi-official pedagogy that encourages the classroom teacher to shape students' beliefs on controversial issues like race, gender, sexual preference and U.S. foreign policy.

The documentation on this is so extensive that Jay Bennish might have a pretty good Nuremberg defense: "My union and my professional teacher association made me do it."

It is obvious there's a disconnect betwixt those in the educational system and the people who are responsible for raising children, namely the parents. The parents try to devise ways to escape situations like this, and are rebuked. This is one of the reasons our blogmarm wants the whole system pitched.

Redo, starting with people like this.

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Where do you get your brown shirts laundered?

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