The ides of March

Can't say, "Happy ides of March" day, as Julius Caesar would wholly oppose such a holiday. Of course, dead men tell no tales right?

Sad side note: of all the students I tutor, not one knew what I was talking about when I referenced this infamous date.

In addition to it being famous for Caesar's murder, today also marks "you have one month left to finish your income taxes" day, as well, and new to me, Port McClellan reports that today is EATAPETA Day, as told him by The Night Writer.

In honor of this carnivorous occasion, I'm rethinking my dinner menu to possibly now consist of pollo affinocchiato, one of my favorite chicken dishes. If you've not had the pleasure of having chicken prepared in this incredibly divine manner, your taste buds have only wandered aimlessly in culinary pergatory.

Posted by Portia at March 15, 2006 05:23 PM | TrackBack

Nice prose Portia!

Three points:

1) One can always file for an income tax extension (which I believe takes you to August).

2) My Ides of March/EATAPETA New York strip steak was grill-panned to perfection.

3) I wouldn't get too depressed about your students not knowing of the time of Caesar's murder -- I have numerous college graduate friends who likely remain unable to inform you of the century in which the American Civil War was fought -- a committee of three once concluded, after discussion, that it was the 17th century, believing the 17th century meant the 1700s.

Just stop for a moment and think of the degree of historical illiteracy that would need to exist to reach that conclusion.

Posted by: MBMc at March 16, 2006 09:22 AM