North Korean Utopia

Who wouldn't want to live in North Korea after this glowing report?

"Life is Happy in Tax-free North Korea."

SEOUL (Reuters) - Aid workers say North Korea is short of food, analysts say its economy is a mess and U.S. President George W. Bush says leader Kim Jong-il is a tyrant, but Pyongyang says life is wonderful -- and blissfully free of tax.

North Korea has one of the lowest per capita income figures in the world. Although it says it has free health care, it cannot supply enough electricity to keep its factories running or to light the country at night.

This story is certainly at odds with the picture my South Korean friends paint of life in the country. They aren't allowed to see their North Korean relatives, and if the Northerners feel gutsy enough to attempt a visit to the south, they risk death. Oh, but they don't pay taxes. So, I guess only one thing is certain for the North Koreans.

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