One-third of French say they're racist.

Speaking of the French, USA Today has an editorial encouraging Americans to stop being so smug when criticizing the recent French protests (details here) and look more closely to see if our own behavior might somewhat resemble theirs.

America does not endow its workers with the right not to be fired. It did not adopt the extensive economic engineering policies that many European nations did after World War II. For that, the USA should consider itself fortunate.

But one can see counterproductive sentiments similar to those of the French protesters in the workers at companies such as General Motors. They demand preservation of generous pensions and lifetime health coverage from employers that might be driven out of business, in part because of those costly benefits. Certainly, promises made by corporations to their employees deserve very high priority, but staying blind to the larger problem is not an answer.

Interesting, short piece. Read the rest here.

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