not e. e. cummings

though I could be
I thought I was unique
but I'm only an imitation
he was first

it's the odd verse
the turn of phrases
the grammatically incorrect lines
the lack of punctuation

I thought I was just lazy
I'm a pale reflection
or am I
that's what she says

that's what I think
self-centered that's for sure
short lines all about me

isn't that what people like about me
probably not
I think it's because I make them forget about them
to take them to another place

the lower-case letters
aping the style
remembering not to hit ?
you would think it would be easier

it happened in 12th grade
creative writing class
there was a girl there
she was funny

it was the first time my words went in a direction
                                          goingover to
                                                                  the right side
                                                                                          of the page

she gave me her number
she said she would only give it to me if I'd call
I thought it was another joke
I didn't call her

was that my chance
no, not hardly
I'd sooner remember her name than I'd remember what I wrote
but I still remember the style I wrote it

I made a flirty joke tonight about e. e. cummings
how he never capitalized
I said I was a copycat
she said I was unique

I should get her number

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