And you thought your cell phone bill was bad.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - A Malaysian man said he nearly fainted when he recieved a $218 trillion phone bill and was ordered to pay up within 10 days or face prosecution, a newspaper reported Monday.

Even worse, the bill was for his late father's cell phone, which was disconnected after he passed away. (The rest of the story is here.)

Why are cellular phone companies the worst when it comes to billing? Almost two years ago I received a $1,200.00 bill in the mail for one month's worth of service. After we called the company and heard many, "oops" and "hmm...that's strange" remarks, the bill was reduced to less than one tenth of that amount. But it sure gave me a fright. I can only imagine this man's shock and horror at a $218 TRILLION dollar bill.

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