Reflections on Christ's last weeks

Mike over at InedibleInk has a post on this, the Holy Week. In it, he questions the accuracy of the timeline of events leading to Christ's crucifixion.

I believe that Holy Week is not nearly long enough. At eight days, it’s better than most. Would that I had intentions to spend more than seven days in prayer. Rather, I think that more than eight days passed between the entry into Jerusalem and the ressurection.

Of course, that's not all he talks about in his post.

I had dinner last night with my best friend's family, all devout Catholics. Her mother told me they were going to the Last Supper on Thursday night and my friend's youngest sister, 11, said, "Is there going to be food there?" She was promptly slapped on the head by my friend.

And that's your Very Funny Holy Week Anecdote of the day. For more VFHW moments, stay tuned.

Posted by Portia at April 12, 2006 08:08 AM | TrackBack

I think some of us, including me, could use that holy headslap from time to time.

Did you have to bite your lip not to laugh? I'm afraid I would have at least chortled.

Posted by: MarcV at April 12, 2006 08:38 AM