Why We Fight

It was reported on Wednesday in Baghdad that two teachers were beheaded in front of their students in a vicious terrorist attack.

Baghdad - Militants burst into two Baghdad primary schools and slit the throats of two teachers in front of their pupils, the Iraqi government said Wednesday.

"Two groups of terrorists have cut the throats of two teachers in front of their students in the Amna and Shahid Hamdi primary schools in the Shaab district of Baghdad," the government said in a national security statement.

Later that day, however, the Iraqi police denied the government's report.

But police in the neighborhood denied any attack occurred.

The contradictory accounts could not immediately be reconciled.

But the ministry later said the dead were a school guard and a teacher. It said the guard was stabbed to death by militants in front of students, while the teacher was shot outside the school as he arrived in the morning for classes.

So it seems two people were still murdered at a school, possibly still in front of young students.

Is there any doubt that the people we are fighting and the cause we are upholding of democracy and freedom in the Middle East is one of the, if not the, greatest and most worthy battles of our time?

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