No, I'm sorry, you can't

I would never let it be said of me that I encouraged others toward action that I, myself, would not undertake. That said, I bit the bullet and, yes, went shopping today. Local businesses and great American chains alike were the benefactors of my patriotism this afternoon. While hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants were chanting in Spanish, convinced that their "struggle" is our latest civil rights movement, I was supporting the economy of the country that has given them so much.

This entire issue is enough to make any America-loving citizen pull out her hair. Quite possibly, two of the most outrageous details of today's protests would have to be 1. Cardinal Mahoney leading the pack along side our Mayor Villaraigosa, and 2. Mexican politicians flying out to show their support.

Okay, so... The ACLU and their ilk? Silent on their precious "separation of church and state" when heads of the Los Angelean Catholic Church show up to support a mockery of true American ideals, otherwise known as honoring our country's laws and the journey of immigrants who've come here legally.

What in the world is our mayor doing at an event like that? Neither of the possible answers to that question settle very well. Either he is truly sincere and believes that illegals should be given amnesty. Or he is pandering for future votes. We don't want Jesse Jackson as our mayor. We want someone who is serious about protecting our city, enforcing existing law and preserving the rights and privileges of citizens. I have the right to lower car insurance premiums that have been hiked by the number of uninsured, illegal immigrants who have caused auto accidents. I should have the right to withhold my income taxes from paying for health care and schooling for those who have illegally crossed our border. I don't even get free health care or a free education. In fact, because I'm primarily self-employed, I have to pay large sums of money each month for health insurance and will also be funding my own graduate education.

As far as the Mexican politicians, the fact that they probably used government funds to fly into Los Angeles to support the men, women and children that they did nothing for, back in Mexico, is so absurd, it's nearly indescribable.

In addition to constructing a fence or wall that runs the length of the Mexican/American border, I believe, that since we have become the global caregivers we should demand sitting fees. Vicente Fox and all other leaders of nations who've so graciously handed us their citizens, should pay up. We've paid millions and millions of dollars to support their citizens, to care for them, to educate them, all the while these same illegal workers are sending their undeclared income back to their countries of origin. That money flow must stop. Something tells me that if it did, this issue might be taken a little more seriously.

Of course many of their stories are gut wrenching, and certainly every mother and father, from any land, has a moral obligation to care for his and her family. And they all know they can do so here. This is a country unlike any other, a country in which a foreign born body builder can become the Governor of our great state. It's a country in which these immigrants absolutely are guaranteed a better life. But while charity is urged of individuals, it is not and should not become the role of a government.

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