Da Vinci flops at Cannes?

Movie critics at the Cannes Film Festival weren't all too impressed with Ron Howard's adaptation of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code.

"It's a movie about whether the greatest story ever told is true or not, and it's not the greatest movie ever screened, is it?" said Baz Bamigboye, a film columnist for London's Daily Mail. "As a thriller, well," he continued, shrugging.

One critic went on to compare the movie to the Energizer Bunny...going on and on and on. Their reaction during the film seems quite European.

One especially melodramatic line uttered by Hanks drew prolonged laughter and some catcalls, and the audience continued to titter for much of the film's remainder.

This weekend certainly promises to be an interesting weekend for Hollywood.

Here's the rest of the Cannes story.

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