Hope for reform in the Middle East

HAMSA, or Hands Across the Mideast Support Alliance, is an organization that every blogger who concerns himself with affairs of the Middle East should know about. They are a tremendous, young force of both Middle Eastern and American activists working hard to support the grassroots movements for reform in countries all across the Middle East and Africa.

The news from the Middle East seems never to be good, and certainly nowhere near hopeful. But HAMSA is on the inside track and has a message of hope. They whole heartedly believe that there is power in numbers, and the more people decry tyranny and thug dictatorial regimes, the closer we are to seeing those regimes topple.

To prove their point, they've recently added a photo gallery to their website. The pictures and captions that follow are not only moving, in that they document life in the east, but they're enough to convince even hardlined critics of the Middle East that there really is hope for reform. People have had enough. And corrupt governments don't give their citizens enough credit. It will be to their detriment but the world's benefit when those citizens finally overthrow the bonds of oppression that have long been accepted as the norm in that part of the world.

I'd copy over images, but I respect this site too much to do so. Please visit the gallery. It won't take you too long and will be time well spent. I assure you, if you are in anyway downtrodden over issues relating to that region of the globe, this site is for you.

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