Downed Blogs, Hezbollah, and Condi Rice

I blame my lack of posting on Moveable Type issues. I know those issues have only been in the last few hours of today only, but still. I blame MT.

It's almost intimidating to come back to blogging with all that is going on in the world. There are many more schooled in Israeli-Middle Eastern history and policies to comment on the finer things of this latest battle raging on the other side of the world, so I'm not sure I'll even attempt to tackle the Hezbollah war waging from that angle. I will, however, provide my two cents. And it really is that.

On another note, I heard a Republican congressman say he's attempting to put an initiative before the house to do away with the penny. So my two cents might be worthless coming up here really soon. We'd best get on with this.

My initial reaction to the war between the Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon and Israel was one of dread. And "not again." This reaction was followed by, "please get the job done this time." I'm sick and tired of battles that end prematurely due to global pressure to appease rabid Islamic fundamentalists. But if there is one country that does have the wherewithall to finish a job, it is Israel. They might have pulled out of Gaza (a huge mistake in my opinion), but they can only stand so many rocket attacks against their citizens (over 1,000 since the pullout) .

One of the more outrageous news items I've heard in the last week was the news that Condi Rice is urging the Israelis to "exercise restraint." I nearly had a full fledged conniption fit in the car on my way to work. This is the woman who brokered the deal to withdraw from Gaza, which resulted in not fewer, but more attacks against Israelis. Then a neighboring country commits an act of war by kidnapping IDF soldiers and Israel is supposed to "show restraint?" Unbelievable that the woman who helped get Israel into this whole mess is now advising them against defending their own land.

I can only imagine Secretary Rice's reaction had a foreign power advised her to "control herself" if she militarily responded to the constant murder-by-rocket-bombing of our citizens.

Maybe pretending she had nothing to do with this helps her sleep at night. Maybe she's willfully ignoring the fact that things have only worsened since the pullout. But this "do as I say, not as I do" tactic with one of our greatest allies is not going to fly. It's not like her and it's not like this administration when it comes to the war on terror.

With all due respect, Ms. Rice, let the Israelis do what they deem necessary to defend their tiny, hated without reason, vulnerable country.

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That "restraint" remark comes directly from the President, so it's not necessarily something that Ms. Rice has come up with. I believe the President is referring to Israel's capability of wiping out Gaza and large chunks of Lebanon. Their military is so much stronger that there's no comparison with Hezbollah (or Syria for that matter).

I agree that Israel should do what is needed to wipe out Hezbollah. Unfortunately, they (similar to other terrorists) will hide behind Lebanese civilians, so it will become a matter of how many civilian lives will be lost in order to cure the Hezbollah infestation.

Even after that, you still have to deal with the Syrian cesspool of terrorism. As long as they are in business, other groups will rise up to take Hezbollah's place.

[PS I hope Sandy can hook you up with some good Lebanese food. I don't have that opportunity here in NC, but like to indulge whenever I have the chance.]

Posted by: Marc V at July 19, 2006 11:01 AM


LA abounds with food belonging to every ethnic group imaginable. I have long been the grateful benefactor of our culinary selection, and personally favor the Middle Eastern variety. I live near several fantastic mom-and-pop restaurants, and work near a few, too. Great food is never too far.

As far as Secty Rice, I still don't find her remarks any less horrifying. She is extreeeemely well versed in all things MidEast, so I found it remarkable that she'd think the Gaza pullout would be a mutually beneficial endeavor.

And, I disagree about the restraint comment. It's completely lock step to the ramblings of the U.N. talking heads, and I don't like that.

If Al Qaeda were in Tijuana lobbing missiles into San Diego, CA, "restraint" would be the last thing on our mind. It's completely unfair to even suggest the same to a country that never knows complete peace with her enemies.

Posted by: Portia at July 19, 2006 10:00 PM