Handy Tip of the Day

Finding bug sprays to be obNoxious and fly-swatters too disgusting, here is a simple, clean and fresh-smelling tip to ridding your house of the unwanted fly.

Windex. That's right. I was using Windex long before My Big Fat Greek Wedding promoted it as the answer to every problem.

I discovered this by accident years ago when I was doing dishes. We have a large window in front of our sink and if there were any flies in the house, they'd be on that window. The only thing closest to me was a bottle of Windex, so I sprayed it on the fly, and voila! It plummeted to the counter where I scooped it up with a napkin, threw it in the trash, then shined the window pane where I had sprayed the Windex.

No flies. No bug spray odor. Clean windows. Who could ask for more?

Posted by Mutti at July 26, 2006 11:35 AM | TrackBack