Muslim Targets Jewish Women in Seattle

My anger level is DEFCON 1 -- you mix that with being a mom and an American, watch out.

Talk about cowardly, sick and twisted, but that's a tame description of Islamic terrorists. A Muslim walked into the Jewish Federation in Seattle and opened fire -- on women. One of them was pregnant.

Six people were shot - one fatally - this afternoon at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle by a man who told a witness he was upset about "what was going on in Israel."
Harborview Medical Center spokeswoman Pamela Steele said five victims were taken to the hospital, all women ranging in age from the 20s to the 40s. Each suffered gunshot wounds to the abdomen, knee, groin or arm. Three were in critical condition. Two were in satisfactory condition.
One witness, who declined to give her name, said a man walked into the Jewish Federation building with a gun, said he was upset about what was going on in Israel, then opened fire. After the shootings, the man said to call 911, the witness said. The witness said the man identified himself as an American Muslim.

The real stinger is what the FBI is saying:

"We believe it's a lone individual acting out his antagonism," said David Gomez, who heads the FBI's counterterrorism efforts in Seattle.
"There's nothing to indicate that it's terrorism related," Gomez said. "But we're monitoring the entire situation."

This is not a terrorist act? WRONG. When a Muslim kills Jews, it's terror-related. This pc and sensitivity is beyond ludicrous.

If the liberals don't get it yet, then our country is in big trouble. These animals mean business. They want to kill Jews, Christians and of course all infidels. They've been saying it for years, and the hate-filled rhetoric has been amped up since 9/11. But the democrats aren't listening. They're too busy defending Hezbollah and Hamas, and wanting to understand root causes for terrorism.

Here's my solution. First, this Islamic perp must be executed for this hate crime (that's right - the left instituted hate crimes, now let's use it to our advantage). Then Homeland Security needs to beef up their surveillance techniques, which would include checking on the teachings of every mosque in America. This includes checking on what they are teaching their kids in American Muslim schools. Those that are found to teach hatred, jihad and terrorism must be shut down immediately. Bank accounts and assets to be frozen and the imams, teachers and clerics arrested.

We cannot afford to wait until this becomes commonplace. If harsh consequences are not taken, then this will signal to all the rest of the radical elements in Islam that America is indeed a paper tiger, as OBL said after we did nothing in Mogudishu.

Rabbi Daniel Weiner at Temple De Hirsch Sinai in Seattle, said his congregation was planning to meet in Bellevue this evening anyway, but were waiting for police to advise them on whether to go ahead with the services.

This is America! When Jews are fearful of meeting here in the USA, it's way past the time to do something.

Posted by Mutti at July 28, 2006 06:45 PM | TrackBack

Did this guy get angry reading the MSM accounts of the conflict? Did he get jacked up at his mosque during Friday prayers? Did he come out of Friday prayers with this in mind? The timing is not coincidental. I'll bet upon further review that we'll find that he walked out of his prayer time with his imam and acted upon the message. We're called to do that in our church, but we're exhorted to save folks, not kill the first infidel we find. They're not like us, haven't been and won't be anytime soon. Although we need to pray for them, looks like we might consider packin' heat while prayin'.

Posted by: Portia's Pop at July 29, 2006 05:37 AM

you're awesome Mrs. Beal! this post was fabulous!!

Posted by: shira at July 31, 2006 08:09 PM

Thank you so much Shira, I always enjoy your comments.

Posted by: Mrs. Beal at July 31, 2006 10:54 PM