A funny thing happened on my way to the ghetto

How fitting that Mutti would blog about rest prior to my entry. I've had my own blogging sabbatical, forced albeit, due to an intense and slightly frenetic schedule. I'll have my head screwed back on straight come September.

Unfortunately, I don't foresee much blogging going on until then. I did have a fantastic weekend in our nation's capitol not a few weeks ago. I was invited to a conference on Middle Eastern affairs and issues of human rights in that region. Quite an experience meeting the amazing people that I did, almost all of whom are in exile from their native countries--Iran, Syra, Iraq, Egypt, and the list goes on. Truly a humbling experience to have been the blonde American at the table whose only experience that could possibly compare to living in exile would be homeschooling.

I do plan on blogging about that as it will become a decent part of my life, finally. Middle Eastern human rights campaigning has always been a passion of mine.

In the meantime, I'm settling in, starting my grad program, switching job positions and playing international hostess to a dear friend.

All this to say, I'm not anticipating a lot of activity from "Portia." Just thinking about writing is overwhelming to her.

Mutti and NasaNerd are always here and at your service. Please feel free to give them an 'at-a-boy or 'at-a-girl. We all need that every once in a while. Especially we bloggers.

Ciao for now. See ya soon.

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