"If Jesus were alive, he'd be a Muslim"

Yet more insane goings on in our universities across the nation.

Cair VP Eric Meek was lecturing on what Islam and Christianity have in common, and one unbelievably arrogant supposition made was that if Jesus were alive today, He would of course, be Muslim.

"If Jesus were here, he'd be a Muslim, and he'd say what I'm saying," he said. The hour lecture was followed by an hour and a half question and answer period, when Meek opened the floor to any attendees with questions.
"In today's world where Islam is a hot button issue, we would like to present Islam to the public in its true form of peace and brotherhood with the common person," he said.

Translation: the true form of peace and brotherhood with the common person means total submission to Islam and shari'a. Hopefully during q&a someone asked him for an explanation as to why we are not seeing any peace and brotherhood coming from Islam.

Richardson junior Ayman Taleb, president of MSA, said the group's main goal is to make students on campus aware of Islam and some of its teachings.
"People would be dazzled at the fact that Muslims revere the same God that Christians and Jews do, and revere all the prophets mentioned in the Bible," he said.

The Bible does say that Lucifer is beautiful. Maybe dazzling.

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