March 31, 2004

Slight Adjustment


We tried to take a picture with just our band, but Tim from Switchfoot was belligerent in his attempt to be seen with us. We finally caved and allowed him to be in the background of our picture. Such an inconvenience, but hey, we try to take every opportunity to show the love of God to those less fortunate, less famous, and less wealthy than ourselves. I guess you could say it was the least we could do.

*Sigh* I always feel so good about myself when I'm charitable :)


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More Laughter


New pic. I'm on the right :) as I'm sure you all know anyway. That's my dear friend Kristin to your left.
Mmmm....too tired to post anything else. I'm starting to get priorities straight and I'm sure that I will have more time shortly to develop my other website and to maintain this. I enjoy being a good steward over the sites, I just haven't had a lot of time to do so. Crossing my fingers that that will change soon.

Until then...

Your somewhat faithful blogger,

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March 29, 2004



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March 26, 2004

Loss for words

This is what I was trying to describe in the rock stars photo album. Ryan, our lead guitarist, took this shot on Santa Cruz Island. The sun piercing through the dark clouds is just so awe inspiring to me. Way to go Ryan!

Check the photo album for even more pictures of our boating trip. There are more comical ones than last time, mostly because Ryan and Dan took them.

My mind is a blank today. This week has been so trying that I've just got nothing left to say right now. I'm sure that by the time Beacon rolls around tonight and I see all my friends, I'll be completely re-energized, but for now...this is the best post you'll get out of me.

Keep praying for Nick and Tony. God is answering our prayers, so keep 'em comin'.

See most of you tonight,

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March 23, 2004

Beautiful Day


I've just got to keep one of these pictures up. They're so beautiful. There's no real rhyme or reason to this post other than I like looking at beautiful things :)

To see more, click on my Rock Stars photo album.

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Inquiring minds want to know...

I just thought I'd give everyone an update about my dear Marine pals Nick and Tony. Mostly Nick. :)
Nick called the group of us on Sunday afternoon to say hello and give us an update. He called around 1:30 p.m. which was around 1:00 a.m. his time. He had to speak softly because all around him were sleeping. It still amazes me that we are all so close that he would call us at an hour like that just to say hi.

Anyhow, he had good news and nerve-racking news. The good news is that he still has a lot of free time, he and some fellow believers are starting a Bible study soon, he and a friend of his lead one of their athiest friends to the Lord, and God's protection has been all over him.

The scary news is that the area they are presently in is much more dangerous than he had anticipated. His birthday was March 8, so I asked him how it was. He told me that he forgot it was his birthday when the date finally rolled around and that he had to go on two missions that day. Upon their return from the second one, his tank was attacked by a small, what I think he said was, Chinese missile. (And no, it was not fired by Chinese people, it's just called that from what I understand.) Anyway, when the missile hit the tank, it basically just fell to the ground. Nick said he didn't really even know they were attacked until they got back. That thrilled me. What an answer to prayer. So, that's a definite encouragement to hold them up in prayer continually as God truly has heard our cries.

He assured me that they aren't miserable, and that he actually kind of likes the area they're at for the time being. When we spoke on the phone he mentioned that he might stay the whole seven months. This didn't really surprise any of us about him. He is after all a soldier and I believe he loves what he does.

All that to say, continue to intercede for Nick and Tony and the men in the 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines. They covet your prayers, and they don't go unanswered.

Nick, since I know you're reading this, we are so proud of you and support you with all we've got. Be safe and send me pictures! :) I want to see your crazy mustache. Oh, and for the record, you can tell whoever said that to you that there are no such things as dirty Italians :)


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March 22, 2004

More "Ireland" Pictures

For those who don't know me well...the U2 and Ireland comment was made completely facetiously. We went to Santa Cruz Island, which is as good as Ireland in my opinion. To see more pictures, click on the photo album, labeled "Rock Stars"


Here's another band photo...the full explanation is in the Rock stars album as well.

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New Pictures


You have to see the new pictures the band took while on a recent journey. They're incredible! I'll post comments to them later and I'll create a new post with something meaningful to say in a while. Gotta is calling my name!

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March 18, 2004

I love rock & roll..

I just came back from a Switchfoot concert that I attended with our band. Switchfoot is amazing, though their opening bands That's alright.

Anyhow, I'm far to tired to post any details right now. I'll get the pictures developed asap to post as well. Hope everyone's having a fabulous night.


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March 16, 2004


My mom is feeling much better. Although I think her opinion of chicken cannelloni is forever tarnished. I was lucky enough to escape the wrath of what must have been a disgruntled Italian dish. I just don't think Italian cuisine was meant to be packaged, ready to "re-heat." My ancestors would be horrified. :) Sorry Grandma Spinetta!

Anyhow, thanks to any and all who prayed for her.

I've just returned from witnessing a terrible car accident. A poor 18-year-old was innocently turning left when his light was red when a van came barrelling through the intersection, totalling his car. It was awful. If it had happened 10 seconds later, I would have been involved. The whole time I was there, visions of my own accident were flashing through my head. I honestly believe I had sympathy pains for the back and neck starting hurting when I was just talking with him. Lord, bless him.

I stayed to give my story to the police, and when I'd finished talking to the officer taking my testimony, he said, "Well, thanks for sticking around." I replied, "Well, thanks for serving our valley." He was so startled by that comment that all he could do was laugh nervously and reply, "Well, sure." And he told me to have a great night.

I can't tell you how much joy I get from thanking members of the armed forces, police and fire departments. The first two have such thankless jobs. Let's be honest, who doesn't think a fireman is hot?...they're thanked enough, so I really try to focus in on the guys really laying it down for me. Not to belittle firemen in the least, but cops have it pretty bad.

So, I'm dedicating this post to the men in blue. Next time you are able to interact with one, just lean over and tell him you appreciate what he's doing. I assure you, he'll light up and it'll make the rest of his day.

Backing the badge :)

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Please pray for my mom. She's really sick this morning. My dad and I think she has food poisoning, because she was fine when she went to bed last night. She never gets sick like this, so that would be the logical conclusion.

She's in a lot of pain and is trying desperately to sleep. If you could remember to keep her in prayer today, I would appreciate it.


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March 15, 2004

My Cup Runneth Over

I was just about to go to bed, when I realized that I just have to write about one more thing. I am infinitely proud of my two brothers. God could not have granted me ones more wonderful. I am proud to be their sister.

They're both God-fearing, respectful, driven young men and I cannot wait to see what God has for them. Peter, I've always been convinced he'd be the first millionaire among us, is waiting to hear whether or not he's gotten a job at JPL. That's right, Jet Propulsion Laboratories. He's only 18! My gosh, I can only imagine what he'll be doing when he's, oh, 20! :) He's such a brain and a true soul. His humility brings tears to my eyes.

He's a fairly new driver, and he was driving me somewhere a while back and made two somewhat careless mistakes. Not life-threatening, just careless. By the second one, I just yelled, "Peter, cut it out!" or something insensitive like that, and he simply replied in a very soft tone, "I'm sorry." I literally almost burst into tears. If I were him, I would have slapped me. He completely humbled me and I soon apologized for being such a shrew. I adore him and know he's going to make some lucky girl very happy someday.

Jon, who I spent most of my life hating because he "stole my parents' affection from me," (yes, I am a true first born) has become one of my best friends. Words aren't enough to express how I feel about him. I am so proud of him. I'm proud to call him my friend, brother and now worship leader. People have asked if it's strange having my little brother lead worship with me as a band member, but it never has been. I love supporting him, and I tell him that all the time, too much probably. I'm amazed by his wisdom and the maturity he possesses. Sometimes I forget that he is my younger brother.

I could gush about them for hours, but I'll cut it short. Boys, know that your big sister is truly the proudest big sister out there. I adore you both and look forward to growing old together. Because you know we'll only get hotter over the years...that's right :)

I love you!

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Spain, to be continued

I'm revamping my thoughts on Spain's attack, because in my delirium last night, I wrote that they weren't huge supporters of the war, when in fact they were the lone rangers of Europe, spare Tony Blair. (Ha, sorry for the rhyme.)

So, that'll be up soon, as well as my thoughts on their newly elected leader... precious, upright man that he is... stay tuned, I know you're dying to know my thoughts. :)

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Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles

It doesn't take much to set me off as far as politics is concerned. I am livid that Spain has ousted Aznar. He was a phenomenal man. The fact that they somehow think he is to blame for the recent terrorist attacks is beyond ludicrous...I may have to coin a new phrase for this lunacy, something similar to Will Ferrell's "scrumptrulescent" possibly, but with a negative meaning, of course.

As a politically involved woman, I am angered. As a friend of two wonderful Marines, my heart is sick. I can't believe that Spain is pulling their troops out. I'm not sure how this affects our efforts or the lives of our men, but I'm already worried for my friends.

I hear that it's only 1,300 troops they're pulling, but 1,300 people can make a big difference in that little country. I guess all we can do is wait and pray. Pray for leaders who have spines to take a stand for good, for freedom. Pray for the men who are already doing so, risking their lives to make ours safer.

In times like these, I find myself thinking, "Well, all I can do is pray." Yeah! And prayer works. I don't know why I bemoan the fact that that's all I can do... take my requests before the true and living God. Lord help me :)

No matter what happens with the Spanish troops or any others, I truly believe what Psalm 91:11 says: "For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways." Nick and Tony, that's for you.

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March 11, 2004

My Dear Mentors

I've just found out about a most excellent opportunity, to borrow from Bill & Ted. For those who know me well, hearing me say that I love and adore C.S. Lewis is redundantly redundant. For those who don't know me well...I Love and Adore C.S. Lewis. There are three men in my life that have been profoundly impacting of my thoughts, behavior and desires. They are C.S. "Jack" Lewis, Dennis Prager, and Dr. Peter Marston.

I could not say enough about each of these men. I've been fortunate enough to study and personally gleen from one of them (Marston), listen to the radio addresses and attend the speeches of another (Prager), and read the brilliant writings of the last (Lewis). I would die the happiest woman on earth if I were able to have a mentor relationship with Prager and Lewis, but alas, Lewis is dead and Prager is not :), so I'll have to die the second most happy woman in the world. The first will no doubt be Dr. Phil's wife :)

Anyhow, someone I have come to love as a possible mentor (I don't have room for much more), Dr. Louis Markos, is teaching a 10 day seminar about C.S. Lewis and how Lewis' thoughts can help answer seemingly unanswerable questions raised by modern and postmodern thought, particularly that of the latter. This course will be taught at Oxford University, where I would stay if I were to attend. This is so amazing because I had already been planning a trip to England (Cambridge though) about that time. I have emailed Dr. Markos for details about the trip. But I am truly hoping that I will be able to afford it and learn more about one of the three most amazing men, in my humble opinion :)

I've set up a fund for those who'd like to contribute to my trip. It's called the Emily Was Stupid to Ever Get a Credit Card in College Fund. Any who would like to help can send checks, money order or their credit cards (Provided I don't have to pay it back as I do my own:)) to...oh, whatever. Just pray for my finances...they need it.

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March 10, 2004

Summertime and the livin is easy

This has been the most beautiful week I can remember. Each day is simply gorgeous and the night even more so. I'm housesitting right now for two homes that have wonderful views of LA. Each night I go out on the deck and stare at the stars and the city below and just sit. It's so peaceful...very needed in my crazy, fast-paced life.

Right now, I'm a mommy of two teenagers. Their real mommy is away with their dad for over a week, and I'm the fill in. I adore the kids. We have a great time, but boy if I wasn't convinced I wasn't ready for teenagers just yet, I am now. I don't get a moment to myself until they've gone to bed, and of course, by that time, my eyelids weigh five pounds, and I can't bring myself to do much of anything. I have such a profound respect for parents right now.

Our church just finished a three day fast for our community, etc. At the end of the fast, I was out on the deck, looking up at the sky, asking the Lord to speak to me. I was having the most wonderful moment with God, and then all of the sudden, "EMILY! Where's the cat? You left the door open!" *Sigh* my beautiful moment full of tranquility jolted into reality by the screams of a 12-year-old. I smiled...hey, this is real. Sitting out on a deck every night is not, as much as I'd like it to be.

So, I've learned a lot about life in the last few days. I'm sure whenever my parents had a free moment to relax and spend time with one another or with the Lord, it was soon interrupted by a little toehead wanting to talk, or show them something, or tattle on her little brother who just hurt her littler one :) (Had to say you Jonny!)

My hats off to all good parents. I qualify that statement because there are plenty of bad ones who would tell their 12-year-old to shut up and find her own cat. But the ones I know and have are wonderful, so bravo!

~The only real Portia

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March 03, 2004


Don't get me wrong, I am honestly so grateful to God for my car, that I have one, (you knew a big BUT was coming, didn't you?) BUT does it have to drain every living penny I earn? I say 'living' because it just sounded the best in that rant.

For the amount I spend on car payments combined with lovely maintenance fees, I could be driving TWO Mercedes. I'm not even kidding. I could have a cute sporty one and one very professional looking one for when I do my professional things like, um, attend meetings I've just called. :)

My parents tell me this is part of growing up. Not exactly music to my ears. See, I've always felt that stuff was reserved for everyone else's growing pains. Not mine. :) I can grow without going broke...promise! I honestly cried when I wrote the check for the latest vehicular catastrophy. I couldn't believe I was signing away half of my paycheck...and I make pretty good money. *Sigh* My friend Nona says, "It's never too late to marry rich." I'm going to have to if I have this car any longer ;p

Okay, I'm done venting. I do love my car at times. I love the sound system, the sun roof, the cushy seats and over all room of it. I just hate how it takes hundreds of dollars away from me every month.

Well, Lord, it was a gift, is a gift. But now it's dying...kicking the bucket, on it's last legs, and I would so appreciate if you could help me find a new one that will help me with my wonderful plans for stewarding the money you've blessed me with. :) Thank you!

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