November 28, 2004

Google This

It's official, as far as my web host can tell, the most frequent search engine result that yields a visit to my site is a search for...drum roll and white roses. The very first post I ever wrote on this site used a picture of white roses and ever since then,  I must get at least 100 hits a day just from people looking for a picture of the same.

The second most common search engine link to my site results from a search for Switchfoot pictures. Also funny considering the only pictures of them I had on my site were super imposed and quite fake.

Well, that's your random bit o' trivia for the day. I'm sure you all feel far more informed as human beings now. Have a happy Monday!

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November 27, 2004

Good Friends


My good friend Melissa Vossler just emailed me this picture (she's the one in the wedding dress:)). She's coming down from her new home in Reno for a few days in December. Can't wait to see you girl!

Just thought I'd post something about someone I'm thankful for, in addition to all of the wonderful friends I've been blessed with.  I have great friends, a wonderful family, and a roof over my head. I'm a blessed person.

This Christmas season, I'm looking for ways to bless those who aren't as fortunate as I am. I'm thinking about starting a toy drive again for the kids at Children's Hospital. I will certainly post a date and time on this site for all who'd like to donate or come along. It's an unforgettable experience handing a hurting child a present, knowing he or she will be spending Christmas and the New Year in a hospital bed. Some of them won't make it to New Year's Day. It's quite a sobering reminder of how fragile life can be.

I encourage all of you who are in a place to bless someone who needs it, to do so. We have been given comfort to comfort those who have no comfort. We have to inconvenience our convenience, to quote Jackson Senyonga. Bless a member of our Armed forces, a child in a hospital bed, an elderly person in a home, whatever you can do to make this Christmas season everything it's supposed to be...a season of hope and caring for our fellow man.


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November 25, 2004



There are so many things to be thankful for this season. I'm thankful that I live in a wonderful, free country, and I'm especially thankful for the men and women overseas fighting to keep my country that way.

God be with them as they celebrate the holiday season away from friends and family. They will not be forgotten, at least not in my home. God bless you boys!

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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November 24, 2004

Pictures + Music = 2000 Words

Go to my friend Todd's site to see a really moving and powerful video of the last 4 years, put to the music of probably my favorite male vocalist. It is yet another must see video, and this one most likely will make liberal's blood boil. All the more reason for us to watch and enjoy. :) It's a shot in the arm for the rest of us.

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Goes Without Saying

This is a must read article regarding the utter hypocrisy of the Hollywood elitists, and women's rights groups as well. For years, I've wondered where N.O.W  or any other "female power" group was when women in Islamic countries were beaten to death because their brothers raped them. Or when acid was thrown on them when they refused a proposal. Where are they still? That's the million dollar question that Bridget Johnson raises in her excellent piece from the Wall Street Journal. Here's the link to the original article, followed by this excerpt.

Look Who Isn't Talking
A filmmaker is murdered, and Hollywood loudmouths say nothing.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004 12:01 a.m. EST

Since Nov. 2, I've had an icky feeling in the pit of my stomach. As an ardent Bush backer, my queasiness has nothing to do with the glorious election results, but is prompted by a murder that occurred the same day in Amsterdam.

Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh's short film "Submission," about the treatment of women in Islam, written by female Dutch parliamentarian and former Muslim Aayan Hirsi Ali, had aired in August on Dutch TV. Van Gogh was riding his bike near his home when a Muslim terrorist shot him, slashed his throat, and pinned to his body a note threatening Ms. Ali. This appears to be an organized effort, not the act of a lone nut; Dutch authorities are holding 13 suspects in the case.

After the slaying, I watched "Submission" (available online at and my mind is still boggled that 11 minutes decrying violence against women incites such violence. There've been many films over the years that have taken potshots at Catholics, but I don't remember any of us slaughtering filmmakers over the offense. You didn't see the National Rifle Association order a hit on Michael Moore over "Bowling for Columbine."

....Now go read the rest of the article. You'll be glad you did.

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You must visit The Daily Recycler to view the  two newest videos on their site. (Though it looks like you can view it from here, you can't; I don't have time to figure out how to do that right now.)

For conservatives, one will make your blood boil, and one will make you proud and affirm your decision to vote for Bush.

For liberals, one will make your blood boil and one will make you proud and affirm yours or your family member's vote for Clinton.

Either way, these are must see videos. They're both quite telling about the characters of our 42nd and 43rd presidents.


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November 20, 2004

Something to Behold

Last night, the Billy Graham Crusade was truly epic. I've never heard so simple a message given with so grand a response. I would estimate that somewhere around 70,000 - 80,000 people were in attendance, with at least 10% of them committing their life to Christ. It was so amazing to watch people make their way from the very top sections down to the field. It must have taken over 30 minutes for most of them to make it down there. People are hungry for something, and last night they found what they were looking for. Truly a wonderful night. If you haven't made it yet, I would strongly encourage you to go either tonight or tomorrow afternoon. After all, it is the last one. You can visit his site for more details.


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November 18, 2004

A Brighter Tomorrow

I hope all of you who are local are planning on being at The Billy Graham Crusade at least one night while it's here. Chances are this is his last crusade ever, and it's certainly his last West Coast event. This is truly an historic and nostalgic event in addition to being just plain powerful. He began in Los Angeles, and it looks like he might give a fond farewell in Los Angeles, as well.

I have one friend from my school who's on board to go. I'm working on a few others. I'm more than excited about this coming to LA. The timing couldn't be better. Here's to the beginning of something new in Hollyweird and all its surroundings!!


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November 15, 2004

Must See Movies

Because politics isn't the only thing I'm interested, nor is it entirely interesting all the time to begin with, I want to take a break from domestic and world affairs to express my extreme delight in two films I recently have seen.


The most recent being Polar Express. As a child, this was one of my most favorite books. I even have the book that came with the sleigh bell. It's in my closet. It's a story full of wonder and magic, and Tom Hanks and Robert Zemeckis do a tremendous job of capturing all of that into a delightful film. I saw it in 3-D with some friends of mine, and I wouldn't have done it any other way. If you have yet to see this film, please go, but make sure you spend a little extra cash and see in 3-D. You'll be glad you did. Christmas is a wonderful time of year that should be cherished, and this movie manages to remind us all of that.

The second movie I'm thrilled with is The Incredibles.

There isn't one thing that wasn't wonderful about this film. Every aspect of it was done with such attention to detail. It had some of the greatest actions scenes, despite the fact that it was digital animation. The plot is solid and fun to follow, the characters are well developed, and the bad guys at the beginning are trial attorneys and a French bank robber. Who could ask for anything more? :)  Pixar always churns out the best of the best, and this is no exception. It's also completely safe for the whole family, unless little ones get scared by fast paced action scenes. I'm definitely making it out to the theater to see it once or twice more. But next time I'm going to try to see it without Spanish subtitles. (Funny story and experience.)

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November 12, 2004

Thank God

Arafat is dead. Saddam's gone. Is Castro next? I hope so. {Can you imagine a free Cuba? Cubans sure have been trying to envision that  for as long as he's been around.}  Kim Jong Il after that. North Koreans live in a virtual prison, unable to cross over to the south or leave the country. They face death in any such attempt.

We're free of two disgusting, vile excuses for human beings. I am praying that Bush and Blair have some luck in new peace negotiations. This is certainly the time to "pray for the peace of Jerusalem." Though Arafat is gone, that doesnt' mean he can't be replaced by a more evil tyrant. Let's pray that isn't so.

Jimmy Carter has hailed Arafat as a "powerful human symbol and forceful advocate." If by those words he means "Satan incarnate, or something close to that," then I concur. If however, he means a "powerful human symbol and forceful advocate," than I'd be forced to say that though Jimmy Carter may be a Christian, he is by far one of the most morally unclear individuals who has ever donned the office of the president. Very sad.

Chirac called Arafat a "man of courage." Yes, awfully courageous to blow children and innocent Jews to bits while they thought they'd have a cup of coffee in peace. That's what I call courage.

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November 04, 2004

More Commie Pinkos...they're sick


This is Europe for you. This makes me so angry. I would encourage each one of you to visit their site and send them an email expressing your extreme disgust with their ignorance and pretentious entitlement, thinking somehow they have a right to show disdain for an election not involving their country. We would never do this to Tony Blair. They have some nerve. Can you tell I'm upset?

Do your part. Write an email. Here's The Independent's site, and here's one for the Daily Mirror. Get mad, people, and write at your angriest (but be articulate, please).

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November 03, 2004

Courtesy of the Red, White and...Red

Today will be written in the annals of American history as the day America saved herself from utter disaster. No longer will conservative thought be categorized as "right wing extremism," it is mainstream America. Today is a day we can breathe deeply and rest assured that our future is that much brighter with a man of character and integrity in the office for four more years. But we cannot get comfortable; our work has only just begun. There are yet more issues to fight and more plans to move forward. We cannot relax or relent in our pursuit of making this great country even greater.

We've experienced the unparalleled victory of gaining control of the House, Senate, White House and soon to be Supreme Court. We've ousted the Senate Minority Leader for the first time in 50 years. Most importantly, we've squashed the attempts to defile the memory and service of Vietnam Veterans and current servicemen--they have been vindicated. America is proud of them and won't let the likes of John Kerry and Michael Moore sling their name through the mud.

But now is when we must get our hands dirty and begin the process of restoring the budget, helping Iraq to independence, and securing our borders. Most of all, we must commit to praying for our fearless leader as he will have, no doubt, a very challenging four years ahead of him. But a good challenge: the challenge of making this country that beacon of hope that shines the light of freedom and democracy throughout the world.

God Bless you, George W. Bush. We salute you, sir. Here's to a great Four More Years!

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Victory is so Sweet

President Bush has won the presidency by a margin even greater than Reagan with about 3.6 Million votes more than Kerry in the popular vote. It appears he's also won 286 electoral votes. This was a clear victory. And the media, once again, ought to be ashamed of themselves for trying do dupe the American people with fraudulent "exit polls" showing a decisive victory for Kerry.

Time and time again the media gets called out on the mat for being completely unfair and unbalanced. Will we see a change now? Unlikely. But rest assured, the people aren't fallin for it. And I think we can thank the millions of bloggers out there for that.

Until then, thank God we have 4 more years. Osama, Iran, Syria, and the rest of y'all...yeah, you'd better watch your backs. "W" ain't going away.

:) One happy American

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Clean Sweep

Republicans are cleaning up in this election. We've basically won the Senate and the House. This is truly incredible. I will blog more when I am fully alert (it's been a tremendously long day), but for now I'm so excited that the Republicans and conservatives have really stepped it up. We've finally conducted a phenomenally successful campaign without sabotaging ourselves, and it's paying off beautifully.

It looks like Bush has it in the bag as well. I am so thrilled and relieved. Thank God, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. It's truly his grace that has stayed this country for so long to begin with, and this is one more act of mercy from Him.

Keep you posted. Until then, I'm so excited. We've got 4 more years of an incredible leader!!

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November 02, 2004

Looking Good So Far

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It looks good. If Bush bags Florida, Ohio, and the other states that are projecting a victory for him (Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wisconsin, and Michigan so far), that will put him well over 270 electoral votes. Keep praying, and don't stop once it's over because Kerry and his band of thug brothers also known as attorneys, are waiting with baited breath to stall the entire process, but the Supreme Court has just made a statement saying they refuse to hear appeals, which looks good for us. But who knows. Again, going back to the finger crossing, I'm hoping for another 4 years.

Electoral Projection; 270 needed to win Last Updated: 10:53PM ET

BUSH: 195

KERRY: 133

Popular Vote 46% of Precincts Reporting (AP)
George W. Bush 51% 29,714,094
John Kerry 48% 27,777,818

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"I Voted!"

For those who are procrastinating on getting on down to the polls, I present: Emily's voter guide. Not comprehensive in explanation, but all you need to know. :)

President and Vice President: George W. Bush/ Richard Cheney

United States Senator (CA): Bill Jones, Republican

California State Measures:
1A: Yes

59: Yes

60: Yes

60A: Yes

61: Yes

62: "Elections. Primaries. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute." Vote NO ...this cannot pass or we may have elections with Democratic candidates as our only option. This eliminates competition between parties and the only other state that has this system is Louisiana which is probably one of the most corrupt states in the union. Vote NO!

63: No

64: Yes

65: No

66: Limitations on "Three Strikes" Law, Sex Crimes, Punishment, Initiative Statute: Vote NO
This measure would allow the release of criminals who have been imprisoned because of the three strikes law. I don't know about you, but I'm very uneasy at the thought of more criminals running amuck in LA. I think we have enough as it is. Vote NO.

67: No

68: No

69: Yes

70: I don't know enough about it, so I didn't vote for it. But I say, when in doubt, vote No

71: Stem Cell Research. VOTE NO!!! This is the most shady proposition on the ballot. I could dedicate an entire post to just this topic, but know that we must oppose it for the following reasons: 1. The private sector should never have to pay for medical research. 2. Our taxes would fund 6 BILLION dollars into this, and last time I checked, California's budget wasn't doing too well...this is fiscally irresponsible. 3. Even though our taxes would fund it, if any medical breakthrough were found, it doesn't mean we would get any break for it...we'd still have to pay for the results. 4. In the 23 years that stem cell research has been conducted, not one positive breakthrough has been found through embryonic stem cells. 5. There would be no accountability for those who stand to benefit from this issue. The records would be sealed from the press and the public, insuring that we never know what our money is going toward. 6. Human life is sacred and should not be tampered with, and most of this funding would go toward human cloning. No joke. VOTE NO!!

72: No

There you have it, folks. For more research, here are some sites I recommend visiting:
Vote No on Prop 71, California Republican Party Guide

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