Outrageous Muslim Atrocity

I have been trying to stay away from all things Islam. First it's bad for blood pressure, and secondly it causes stress and anxiety (in me). But I can't put my head in the sand just to feel better when fellow Believers are being slaughtered and beheaded. Especially when those believers are children.

The latest horrific atrocity was the beheading of a 14 year-old Christian boy in Iraq. The reason? For being a Christian.

First of all, this is almost impossible to verify, as we all know the msm, Islam's biggest apologist, would sooner blow themselves up than print something this inflammatory about the religion they are so eager to defend. Secondly, the link is to a website in either Arabic or Farsi. Again, how can we verify this?

However, we do know and have proof of the many despicable acts perpetrated against Christians all over the world by Muslim fanatics/terrorists. So my question is this: the Jews have their Anti-Defamation League, the Muslims have CAIR. Who is representing Christians all over the world? Who speaks out with a loud, powerful voice demanding this stop?

Posted by Mutti at October 30, 2006 02:58 PM | TrackBack