Christmas Contemplations

For your edification in this most glorious time of year, I give you the words of InedibleInk and The Anchoress to contemplate.

From Captoe at InedibleInk, "What Child is This, Part Eight", January 2, 2006:

Why shepherds? Well, keeping a protective watch is what shepherds do, for one thing. For another thing, it’s a part of the greater meek-inherit-earth plan. Shepherding was humble work. These guys were on the tattered fringes of society. Sending angels to Jewish shepherds is the precise opposite of sending them to Caesar.
Who better than shepherds to keep watch over the sacrifical Lamb.

And from The Anchoress' "Feast of the Immaculate Conception-2006":

With God, there is no nothing, for even “nothing” is filled with Intention. And Intention…Assents. And Assent…brings forth. It Creates. And in every assent we utter, every stitch we knit, every empty bowl we fill, every lonely life we consent to touch, every hateful remark we respond to with love, we create something where there was nothing. With our every “yes,” we assist in creation, with the continuation of the world. We work with the Creator, for whom no need is too small, for whom love knows no limits.
It is the great secret.

These are only excerpts; click on both links and read their entire essays. You will be blessed.

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