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UPDATE from the blog-tech

As usual, mu.nu is under a barrage of comment spam. It's great thing they've done, offering a space to all the Cotillionettes, and the blog-marm took up the offer in earnest. But, like I said, mu.nu is under another of the frequent spam-barrages.

In an effort to curtail any mentions of said spam sites, I've taken the liberty of doing the only thing I have at my disposal on mu.nu to get the spam out of the comments from well over 1,000 entries: I removed the comment entry form. It's gone, but the comments aren't.

So, until Porche returns from her blogging-break, you won't have any way to leave a comment on the site. Thanks for your patience.

Posted by Macabee at January 15, 2007 11:36 AM | TrackBack