An Easter Surprise

Call it a hunch, woman's intuition, the Holy Spirit, but I somehow knew that Nick would call me yesterday. I kept my cell phone by my side at all times, worried that I might get bad reception at any given moment and not receive his call. Well just as some of our favorite dinner guests, Joe and Liz Wainer, were leaving, I got a phone call from a strange area code and knew it was him. Everyone was really excited but got really quiet.

Nick said he was doing well, but that he's really homesick so things get on his nerves easily now. I'm surprised it took so long for this to happen to him. I probably would have become irritable within the first two weeks. Anyhow... he said that Tony's a bit stressed out right now. Keep them in prayer, for protection of their physical bodies and of their minds and spirits.

Nick did have to bear some bad news to Ann Coulter doll I gave them is MIA. :) She, along with some of their other stuff, was apparently set in these bins ultimately destined for the wash room. But someone took the bins early or without their knowing so they couldn't get their stuff out of there, and our dear Ann was lost. I told him that I was slightly more concerned for their safety than I was a stupid offense to Ms. Coulter, of course.

He thinks he'll probably be home in a month in a half, praise God. He said unless things get really bad over there, that's the plan. I know there's a part of him that wants to stay with his guys through the whole tour, but he's served his four years and wants to go to school in the fall, so he really needs to get back before September.

Because Joe and Liz were still there, they got to say a quick hello to him, which I know meant a lot to them and Nick. I was so emotional after receiving his call. I had been worried sick about them for so long, praying and praying and praying for them each day. It was such a relief to hear from him. I knew he was okay, but that didn't stop me from really praying for his spirit.

Nick, thank you for calling. I truly needed to hear from you. Tell Tony I hope he's doing well, or better, and have been praying for him earnestly. I cannot wait to get your pictures. Have you gotten my care package yet? I certainly hope so. There's more stuff coming your way. I'll work on getting you The really need to see that without people in a movie theater distracting your view of the screen. :)

Until then, be safe and know you're deeply missed and thought of each day by all of us. Talk to you soon. *Emily

Posted by Portia at April 12, 2004 08:39 AM

Just wanted to affirm what a wonderful, wonderful time we had with Mike and Liz, Joe and Liz, Ryan, and all our family at Easter. Laughter is one of the most delightful gifts God gave us and we certainly had plenty to go around the dinner table. Has Joe ever thought about moolighting as a stand-up comic? He is hilarious. Let's do this again soon.


Posted by: Denice at April 13, 2004 10:38 AM