Dan Rather can breathe a momentary sigh of relief

For those of you who are following the recent story that will most likely turn into another Rather-gate, it turns out CBS, the New York Times and the Kerry camp are embroiled in yet another scandal involving fraudulent accusations against our Commander in Chief.

The NYT first reported that about 380 tons of explosives had been stolen, or were missing, from a weapons depot that is currently under the supervision of U.S. forces. The accusation was that our men in uniform had somehow let 760,000 pounds of explosives slip by, on their watch--explosives that could, of course, prove highly dangerous. Now, despite how ridiculously absurd that accusation is just given the enormous undertaking (can you imagine driving most likely over 70 huge trucks full of thousands of pounds of explosives right by the U.S. Army or Marine Corps?), the Kerry camp has taken it so far as to blame the president for his lack of leadership.

Just after the story broke and Kerry began slamming Bush, ABC began its own investigation into this gold mine of a story. (I love that now ABC and NBC, both liberal corporations, have turned on CBS and are determined to rat them out, as they deserve to be.) ABC and other news outlets (see LGF) found that the explosives most likely were not there by the time our troops had even arrived in Iraq. See news links on left for more details. So, once again, Kerry was blaming the troops for atrocities that had never been committed.

But wait! There's more. Even better, now ABC has uncovered documents that show that most likely, there were only 3 tons of explosives in that depot. That's sure a far cry from 380!! Coming up on this election, it is imperative that you all are informed about the "October surprises" the Kerry camp is trying to pull. Organizations like Drudge and Lucianne are screwing those efforts up, however. Please be informed. The rhetoric is only going to get that much more vicious and vague, and the only way to combat it is with truth and hard facts.

The Democrats are getting desperate. Watch them run with their tail between their legs over this latest story. I am so proud of the RNC. Normally, the Republicans are the ones shooting themselves in the foot this close to an election, but there hasn't been any of that. Props to those at the Bush camp!

Posted by Portia at October 28, 2004 12:52 PM