Why Stop Now

I just found this video through Little Green Footballs. Kerry-Edwards supporters, get out some tissue, this is a tribute to your efforts, your hopes. I found the video very sad and slighly amusing. I guess when your worldview is based on emotions, you too would weep when your candidate lost. Somehow, I just have a hard time envisioning enough still shots and video footage of Republicans doing the same, had Bush lost. I could be wrong though, but I'm pretty sure that we're better at picking ourselves back up after a loss. For all those still heart broken, fear not, someday you'll realize Bush wasn't what the NYT said he was, and you'll be thankful he was here these 8 years. :) Please email me 20 years from now when you have this epiphany. In the meantime, your fellow comrades' disappointment is expressed in this video.

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I was going along with the one word responses...sorry.

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