Don't confuse me with the facts

More evidence that I'm not making up the fact that the secular left is out to abolish any religious association to Christmas. Reuters has an article on it now. And here's yet another article on a Christmas tree protest organized by a group of athiests. Not only is this a ridiculous fight for them to start on the "Separation of Church and State" front (nowhere in the constitution is this mentioned), but it is also destroying language.

Nothing drives me nuts more than vague language or ambiguous statements intended to "beat around the bush." What in the world does "Happy Holiday" mean? What "holiday"? Wait, are we talking about the only holiday that's celebrated on December 25th?

Why can't we be specific in our language? Say "Christmas," and I promise you won't spontaneously combust.  Enough of this hyper culturally sensitive nonsense. Are people really offended by you wishing them a Merry Christmas? I just did that all week at my school, and not one person complained. In fact, I've never gotten more smiles and hugs. This is utter nonsense by the secular left, but then again, what else should we expect.

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Vindication.  I have another few posts on this in the December archives listed on the right hand side of the page. Can't figure out how to link them. Hope you find them!

Posted by Portia at December 16, 2004 12:30 PM

Thanks for posting this. It's absolutely nuts that we cannot celebrate Christmas without offending some hypersensitive secularist. Keep up the good work. I've linked to this post over at my blog.

Posted by: Daddypundit at December 17, 2004 07:07 AM