Non sequiturs

(Got tired of the picture, in case you were wondering...which I'm sure you weren't.)

I'm too tired to talk at length about politics, but I will give a few soundbites of my thoughts on recent events.

1. I'm thrilled that CBS is finally being honest about their dishonest reporting. Sweeps week will have new meaning this time around. Burn away that chaff!

2. I'm sure I'll be getting some hits from people searching for Portia DeRossi (or however you spell her last name) as Ellen Degeneres just dumped her last girlfriend for aptly named twig, Portia. Welcome to all those in search of um, lesbian lifestyle information. May you be informed.

3. So the latest outrage of Islam... Americans are including Christian literature in humanitarian packages. Gasp!!! Shriek!! I'd like to see Muslims over there giving money, time and care and talking about the love of Allah. Funny that would be as Islamic spokespeople have said that this was a judgment of Allah for that area not allowing sharia to take place. (like that yoda-esque sentence?)

I don't know, anything that sounds like a venereal disease doesn't sound like a law I'd like to adopt. I think, just to make the proponents of sharia mad, we should name some disorder, say impotency, after it and begin advertising remedies for said disease. Can't you see it? "Gentlemen, are you suffering from 'sharia'? Well, fear not, millions of others like you have found hope in the latest pharmaceutical miracle for impotency called...." You get the idea. Oh, to have money and advertising wherewithall. Someday. :)

4. I HATE DRIVING IN LA!!! There was no rain today, and it still took me over an hour to get somewhere that usual takes 20 minutes. AGH! When I do have loads of cash, I'm designing billboards to instruct LA drivers in proper driving techniques that will lessen rush hour gridlock, such as STOP STARING AT THE CHP OFFICER GIVING SOMEONE A TICKET, for crying out loud!!!!

Okay, I'm done! Off to hone my mad musical skills; those and my skills with a bow staff. :)

Posted by Portia at January 11, 2005 09:10 PM