Decadent Opulence

I'm sure everyone is as sick of that last picture as I am, so I thought I'd update as soon as possible. I've just found out about the world's only 7 Star hotel in Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates, called Burj Al Arab. I've never seen anything like it, and that's for a reason...there is nothing like it. You've got to go to the website and look at this place. There are parts of this hotel that are underwater, parts of it that are surrounded by aquariums...this place is amazing, and the rates reflect that (starting at over $1000.00 a night for the smallest room). If you're there and you just want to take a look at the place, you have to pay $75 just to get in the gate. It apparently cost around $80 million to construct and was done so by Europe's top architects.   It's worth a visit. Tell me what your first impression was.


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Posted by Portia at January 14, 2005 12:36 AM