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It's Tuesday!!! Which means another article by my favorite, Dennis Prager.  Words cannot describe how valuable he has been in my life. It's funny to feel that way about someone you've never met. I've been 60 feet from him, but have never had the privilege of meeting him, though I'm sure I will one day. I feel the same of C.S. Lewis and other authors however. (Actually, in college, I went through a season of what you could call mourning because I never would have been able to meet Lewis; please understand, my college profs were all mentored by their heroes, and I couldn't be. Hence the depression.:)

Dennis continues with his series on Judeo-Christian values, this one pertaining to the hatred of evil. As if I even need to say this...I highly recommend reading the piece in it's entirety. Happy Tuesday! As usual, here's your exerpt:

Do you hate evil? 

Much of humanity doesn't. But if you embrace Judeo-Christian values, you must.

A core value of the Bible is hatred of evil. Indeed, it is the only thing the Bible instructs its followers to hate -- so much so that love of God is equated with hatred of evil. "Those who love God -- you must hate evil," the Psalms tell us.

The notion of hating evil was and remains revolutionary.

The vast majority of ancients didn't give thought to evil. Societies were cruel, and their gods were cruel.

Nor did higher religions place hating evil at the center of their worldviews. In Eastern philosophy and religion, the highest goal was the attainment of enlightenment (Nirvana) through effacing the ego, not through combating or hating evil. Evil and unjust suffering were regarded as part of life, and it was best to escape life, not morally transform it.

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Posted by Portia at March 1, 2005 09:37 PM

Well said. The impression I get from those on the (extreme) left is a hatred of people with opinions other than theirs. While the righty's can vehemently disagree with the left, our leadership is not preaching hatred of the other side as newly installed Democratic Chairman Howard Dean is doing.

Posted by: Dee at March 2, 2005 11:44 AM