The Christian faith is truly fascinating. I'm glad I hold it. That's all :)

On a more serious note, it is truly unique among every other world religion that is in existence or has ever been.  Our faith is built on salvation, redemption that cannot be earned, only received. It's a gift given with the greatest cost paid simply because God hated the thought of being without us.  Where once our lives were hell bent toward nothingness, hopelessness, meaningless exercises in self-expression and confusion, we've been rescued from that with so careful, loving and deliberate a move as crucifixion. Any who have seen Mel Gibson's "Passion" know that nothing but the most intense love could have ever driven anyone, but not just anyone--a perfect, innocent someone, to do anything like that.

Not only that, but our faith is a product of a loving God who comes to love not the prim and proper but for all-- that crazy homeless guy you pass everyday, the punk junior highers you love to hate, anyone you might consider lesser. His is not an exclusive love, by any means. This, too, is revolutionary to religious thought. Every other religion's god has always hated the sinner and loved the righteous. Jesus is exactly the opposite. His love for everyone flew in the face of the hyper-religious of his time, and it has the same effect even still.

Now, just as I've posted an article by Dennis, this is not to say he loves what people do. Nothing even close. As Dennis has cited, he hates evil. He has to. It's so completely opposite of his character and make up that he cannot bear it.  But, again, His love is such that it exposes evil and gives men a choice to follow Him or deny Him. It's all about free will. His love is free to those who would accept.

I've been reading Brennan Manning's Ragamuffin Gospel, so I'm inspired to write about my faith. Great book for those who need a good, solid reminder of what we're here for, what we believe and who we believe in.

Posted by Portia at March 1, 2005 10:02 PM