Some hits on my website have come from the following searches today:

1. Lindsey Lohan Tour schedule --consequently this searcher found my "Vocalists"  post (see below) ranting about starletts like Lindsey. Too funny. I also spelled her name official correction would rant against Lindsay Lohan.

2. "Doug Giles" pic

3. Ann Coulter sexual orientation

4. Josh Groban, Jewish Christian

5. Personal Stats on Johnny Rzeznik --soo flattered that my site appears when you search this.

And of course,
6.. Ellen and Portia

I used to get at least 80 hits a day by those who search for pictures of black & white roses. However, that picture search has been surpassed by those searching for pictures of the characters from The Incredibles. Frankly, I find that more satisfying that pictures of roses. I'd take Edna Mode any day over a white rose picture. :)

Posted by Portia at April 18, 2005 08:29 PM