Oh How I Love Music

It's a satisfying and overwhelmingly wonderful feeling when you think your choice of profession just kicks the pants off most other professions. I'm sorry, being a musician beats being an administrative assistant, accountant, retailer anyday. No offense to those in said professions, as I've worked in two of the three many a time.

But being a musician by trade, or striving to that end, is amazing. As much as the music industry is highly unpredictable, full of the world's most vapid individuals, and stingy (for actual talent; see Russ Ferrante for proof...one of the best, yet not making what Britney does), it is still one of the most incredible professions out there.

I've heard many athiests remark that being at a concert is like a religious experience. More astute observers remarked that being at a concert of good musicians (such as the LA Phil) was about as close to God, if they believed in him, as one could get. I would have to agree. You cannot hear beautiful music and not be moved, if you're truly a human being. You can put the most drugged out, punk loving kid in the front row of a performance of Vivaldi's Four Seasons, or any number of Beethoven symphonies, or more recently a performance of the Schindler's List soundtrack, and you will most certainly have a changed kid thereafter. {Parents, this would be a good litmus test in terms of if your child actually has a soul. :) }

All that to say, I hope that everyone reading this is able to enjoy their career and find the beauties and challenges in it something that adds to life rather than burdens it.

Posted by Portia at April 20, 2005 09:06 PM

I think when something is your passion - it beats most any job - regardless of income! Being an administrative assistant sucks - but not because the job is crummy - but because my hearts desire is to be a mom....and everything I do until I become a mother seems so trivial and unimportant. Keep doing what you love - I hear you'll live longer too :)

Posted by: Melissa at April 21, 2005 03:05 PM