Sad, Sad, Sad, Sad World

Just when you thought the education system in California couldn't get any worse, the feel-good solutionless liberal crowd that is every board of education has come up with something that should make every educated person cringe. Yes, I think you know what I'm talking about. Ebonics is being suggested for the San Bernadino School district. Pushed or forced would be more accurate. The theory behind this nonsense is that since Oakland decided that Ebonics was a "real language," black students should learn in that language. I have so much to say on this issue, so bear with me.

First of all, ebonics is not a language. A language is an extremely complicated system of grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and other structures. Real languages are those such as Latin, Hebrew, Greek, Chinese, etc. Ebonics doesn't even qualify as a dialect. Simply because Oakland said it was a language doesn't mean it is. But again, liberals in the education system aren't too worried about what actually works. They want to know what is easiest, what won't cost their increasingly large pocketbooks anything, and what feels the best.

Classical education should be the standard form of education in this country. It's amazing to me how many liberals tout European ideals as a panacea for what ails us, but they completely overlook the fact that Euros are all bi or trilingual, one of those languages being English. If European students can learn English, certainly our own students aren't beneath such a task. And it isn't just Europe, it's all developed and developing countries.

This effort will do more to keep black students down and out than anything else. These people are concerned that black students aren't going to college and see this initiative as a solution?! Well, the kids are in for a royal surprise when they find out Mr. Ph.D. doesn't speak ebonics. Good luck, guys! If it isn't obvious to everyone that these politicians and bureaucrats aren't interested in challenging these students, believing the best in them and pushing them to their academic limit, then I don't know what could make it so. This is another lie perpetuated by the liberal community: that it is conservatives that keep minorities down. On the contrary, we think they should be subject to the same testing, the same standards as everyone else because we believe they are equal or at least capable of the same status. Liberals, specifically black leaders, want the rules changed so that minorities will never have to be high achieving individuals.

Several things in the article itself are worthy of pointing out. This sentence, for example, is classic: "Texeira said research has shown that students learn better when they fully comprehend the language they are being taught in." English loving readers are laughing right now. Texiera should wear a shirt that says, "Prepositions are words you never end a sentence with." Yes, please let's have these people in charge of our future leaders education.

At the end of the article, a black activist (also proving his own ignorance) says, ""We have led the way before the civil-rights movement opened the door for women's rights and other movements.' " Yes, I do remember Martin Luther King, Jr. being a terribly inarticulate, illiterate dimwit. What a ridiculous statement. To even compare the dumbing down of education to the civil-rights movement is insulting. King, Jr. and others fought to get blacks an equal footing with the white community. Now, the "black activists" are seeking to undo everything their "predecessors" did. They want separate, racially divided educational systems. And once their system goes up in flames, students drop out in larger numbers and are stuck with low-grade jobs, they'll be back, blaming white Republicans for the mess that has become the California school system. Mark my words.

Reader advisory: The article linked atop may cause severe emotional distress, viceral reactions and more conservative anger. It is also poorly written. Be advised.

Posted by Portia at July 18, 2005 03:22 PM

amazingly, they aren't forcing illegal aliens to learn Engrish. it's almost as if they aren't actually interested in education, and only in being popular and getting re-elected and whatnot.

Posted by: Juan of at July 18, 2005 03:34 PM

I totally agree Portia. You might like what Thomas Sowell says over at (not exactly on point but related). The article is called Dogma versus reality.
Sorry, I can't seem to post the link properly.

Posted by: ljmcinnis at July 19, 2005 07:14 AM

I agree with Juan. But further more, should immigrant asians learn in "Engrish"? And Immigrant mexicans learn in Spanglish? And do we count those as verified languages on our resumes if we know them?

Posted by: Peter at July 19, 2005 03:09 PM

Bradley and I think that the artical is poorly written because it was written in ebonics. :) We are so proud couch cough to be new residents of San Bernardino!

Posted by: Lori at July 19, 2005 10:40 PM nice to hear from you. Maybe you and Bradley could beat some sense into these "officials." You're closer! :)

Hope you're well!

Posted by: Portia at July 20, 2005 12:18 AM