That Gene Wilder

I love Monty Python, and I love Gene Wilder. I just saw a short snippet of Will & Grace and I have to post some of the lines he had as Will's boss:

"Will, I need you to help Short Margaret and Black Margaret. They have so much work to do. They're both in over their heads. Especially Short Margaret."

"I understand heartache. My wife just left me. Well, it was 15 years ago, but I'm reliving it now with the new medication that I'm taking."

Wilder: Come on, Will. Let's go have a drink.
Will: But, sir, it's only 8 in the morning!
Wilder: (pauses to think) It's okay. We'll have eggs too.

I love that guy.

Posted by Portia at July 15, 2005 12:09 AM

boy, I'm bored. and I like eggs.

I make a really good omelette. remind me to make you one, next time I'm in California. which will be never. as soon as I get to Nevada, I'm gonna turn around and start running the other way.

like I say...I'm bored.

Posted by: MacStansbury at July 16, 2005 04:43 PM