Kompassionate Kerry

First Hillary capitalizes off the Katrina catastrophe. Now John Kerry. Is anyone surprised? These people are so egomaniacal it's disgusting. I can't imagine how far one has to stray from the human race to be able to look people in the eye with complete insincerity to say, "I'm so upset over this situation. But if you give me campaign money, it will help." How a politician can strive to financially gain from this disaster is beyond me. Or beneath me, rather.

One thing is clear. In addition to opposing the Bush administration for everything, John Kerry is also clearly against removing analogies from the SAT. His over-the-top style doesn't escape his use of analogies. Easy there, Senator. You might hurt yourself trying to come up with so many.

Posted by Portia at September 20, 2005 08:54 AM | TrackBack