Tuesdays Always Mean...

The Cotillion Ball! This week the hostessses are:

Fistful of Fortnights

Crystal Clear

Soldier's Angel

Knowledge is Power

...."Because Everyone Is Entitled to Our Opinion."
*A little Heads Up: The latter three haven't gotten their ball post up yet, but they should be forthcoming. Check back soon.*

And Tuesdays also signify the arrival of Dennis Prager's weekly article. This week, Dennis writes of Judeo-Christian values v. the Left in terms of social justice and personal character development. It is entitled, First Fight Yourself, Then Society. In it he says,

That the Left is more concerned with social change than individual change and the Right is more concerned with individual than social activism can be seen in many areas.

Many parents, for example, measure their child's character by the child's social activism, not by his or her behavior toward fellow students. If the child has walked for AIDS, or marched for breast cancer, or works on "environmental issues," the child is deemed -- and the child deems himself -- a fine person. That he or she might mistreat less popular kids in class is not considered.

I could not agree more. I once had a conversation with someone in which they were trying to convince me that someone we knew was a good person because they volunteered at X and worked at Y. I was trying to convince my conversational partner not that the person was bad but that those activities don't measure a person's goodness. Every high school senior knows he or she needs to put those on a resume to get into a good university. It doesn't mean that they're people of strong character and integrity because they feed the homeless every once in a while. Once again, Dennis has managed to eloquently articulate feelings I've always had but never really expressed. That's why I love him so.

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