Portia's Portable

It's her cellphone, or, as they called it in the 80s, a portable phone. I thought that a rather clever pun, really, but it's because she lost her internet connection, and we're back to text messaging.

Not that I didn't try to call her. I did. But my phone JUST DOESN'T WANT TO WORK! I have no idea why, but it's evil. An evil Palm Treo 650.


But you didn't come here to hear me rant about my phone, you came here to see my conversation with Rightwingsparkle. No, seriously, you did. I'll explain.

All Portia did was finish mudding windows, which she said was a pain (please catch that pun), and there's the afore mentioned internetlessness. She text-messaged me about it, and I told her I had other stuff involving her blog, so she didn't need to sweat it. Well, for blog-content, anyways.

Rightwingsparkle hits me up on the AIM to see how my internet blog woman chasing was going, to which I had to remind her that nobody needs to know about that. If someone where to let that word get out, my already tenuous grip on a good reputation will be lost forever. She was also complaining about how the Weblog Awards were going to "some freakin teenagers!"

Actually, they are known as The Rebelution, and are the younger brothers of Joshua Harris, author of "I Kissed Dating Goodbye." Them teenagers. But when we started talking about serious matters, I learned some other things about the people from the region.

I think it is cool that she is helping out

That was what RWS told me about what Portia is doing. RWS comes from Mississippi, and like a lot of us, moved away. But our hearts still live somewhere in the Magnolia State, and we have concerns. In fact, there are now Hurricane Katrina refugees where RWS now lives.

Hopefully she'll get some more internet, or at least my phone will work again so you can hear more of what Portia is doing.

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