News from the Road

UPDATE: I've gotten word from two of the best proof readers a girl could ask for that the references I made to eating crustaceans wasn't very Portia-like. My sincerest apologies. It was one of those moments in which I suppose you "had to be there." It was a very funny moment, but I intended no offense to any reader.

We've met and worked with teams from New Hampshire, Hawaii, Southern Pennsylvania, and Michigan. We're expecting more from other areas this week as well.

The boys are as blown away, as I thought they would be. Forgive the metaphor. We're having way too much fun but getting a great amount of work done. We've almost finished insulating an entire house, drywalled the living room and changed a load of electrical boxes--just the four of us in one day.

Friday, we did a whole range of activities for the nicest older lady named Marilyn. We painted cabinets, doors, raked the yard, installed a sink, assembled a bed frame, etc, etc, etc. She just needs so much done. We tried to do all we could before it got dark.

We've also discovered another precious cultural artifact from the Gulf Coast: gnats. They're demonic. They land on you and at first appear harmless. But oh no.

We've affectionately dubbed them any number of nicknames: The Gnatihadeen, The Gnatiban, Gnats a la Beelzebub, Satan's little friends, and FruIts of the DevIL (care of Mike Myers). Nothing keeps these little buggers away. For very long, at least.

Currently we're having a huge superbowl party, but I was quite confused when I checked my yahoo account and saw the score: Seattle-3, Denver-0. I know I've been out of town, but I really thought I was out of it when I heard the Broncos were playing. Yahoo has since corrected the gigantic error, and most likely sacked the graphic artist.

That's it for now. I have much to write about but think I'll save it for another day. We've got tons of pictures as well.

Keep prayin for the people here. There's soooo much to be done. They need the grace and strength to carry on.

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