Gumbel Update

I've found no information on a statement by HBO in response to Gumbel's racist remarks. I have, however, found some interesting links on the topic.

NewsBusters has not only the transcript but the video clip. It's outrageous that it was aired on February 7 and nothing has been said or done about it.

Sporting News has a featured column calling for Gumbel to be fired, like so many white commentators have been for even less offensive remarks. The writer, Chris Russell, makes some good points:

However, if you have any brains, that's not even the most damning thing Gumbel said. The comment about the Olympics not having the world's greatest athletes because of the lack of black athletes is a flat-out joke. Sure, a good deal of the worlds greatest athletes are not in Torino, but a lot of them are.

Oh, that's right. NHL players, world class figure skaters, Shaun White and Ted Ligety must not be any good because they're not black. I guess that's what Gumbel means.

Hattip for Russell: Red Guy

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