More on Crazy Jay Bennish

The Colorado teacher whose fascinating history lesson (in twenty minutes covering Cain through the Iraq war) is finally making headlines fits very nicely into the insanity category, as I suspected he would. (Again, for the full audio, click here and see this post.)

Houghton Mifflin's definition of one who is insane: "Afflicted with or exhibiting irrationality and mental unsoundness." Mr. Bennish, we've got a nice, brand new, white jacket just for you, sir.

sent me a few links on the story as it's been developing:

Rocky Mountain News reports student protests over the paid suspension of Mr. Bennish.

Generation Why?, or Texas Rainmaker, gives a few sound bites of the file, the teacher's email and comments from other parents about the teacher's curriculum.

Michelle Malkin has the entire transcript, for your convenience. She insists that you still have to listen to believe. I concur.

Paid leave...please.

UPDATE: Is anybody surprised that he hired an ACLU attorney? Let alone the man who represented Ward Churchill, David Lane? Didn't think so.

Posted by Portia at March 2, 2006 01:50 PM

am I correct in that this is a geography teacher?

I don't understand how moonbat crazitude is really relevant for learning to read a map.

Posted by: MacStansbury at March 2, 2006 03:30 PM

There is a funny post about this over at HoT:

Posted by: Retarded Lemming at March 2, 2006 10:20 PM

I am stunned at the narrow minded slack jawed hee haw watching types and their reaction to the class being taught. I read the full transcript and at least four times he stopped to let the students know these were other perspectives. He is right...the US and Bush and all of YOU right wing nutjobs are patterning Hitler and his minions.

You don't want more than one perspective presented. Every kid in there has their uneducated trailer dwelling parents and Fox News feeding them one perspective. This class was pointing out the other perspective and then the students were told just to think for themselves and not just accept what they are told without doing so.

You bet, Israel and the US have done some pretty crapping things in the past that DO lead others to feel they have been wronged by the US. Whether we agree or not is not the point that was being made, simply to understand that other cultures may view the US as the aggressor.

You slackjawed mouth breathers need to read critically and not just jump to conclusions.

By the way if I were him, I'd sue the student and parent because his class is "intellectual property" and it was copied without his permission. That is copyright infringement.

Posted by: stunned1 at March 4, 2006 09:45 AM

A drive by, anonymous, left-wing name-calling rant. Never saw that one coming.

I suppose you're excused from jumping to the conclusion that we're "slackjawed, mouthbreathers," as you so eloquently put it.

I know I can speak for more than just myself when I say that I'm not interested in one perspective, but I am interested in 1.) teachers sticking to the subject they've been hired and have agreed to teach, and 2.) truth. Most, if not all of what he said was completely skewed. It wasn't a persepective; it just wasn't true.

And, I'd listen to the audio if I were you. The transcript doesn't do the rant justice.

If you care to comment again, please stick by the generally held mores and speech patterns of civil society. Thank you.

Posted by: Portia at March 4, 2006 12:37 PM

The "class session" was not intellectual property because the opinions and viewpoints stated in it were not the speakers.

Plain and simple, the kid was within his rights. If the lecture was part of the syllabus, and not "spur of the moment", then the student would need teacher's approval and a valid reason why he is taping it (i.e. - for a sick classmate). I don't know if that's actually a law, but that's just how it's been explained to me.

And as for "not wanting more than one perspective presented"? Two of my best friends are liberals (one is going to Cal Berkeley), another is a moderate, and I have quite a lot of friends who just aren't interested in politics.

Oh well, so much for "jumping to conclusions."

Posted by: Peter at March 4, 2006 12:51 PM

So he is secretly recorded. Said secret recording is handed over to authorities. Gotta love free speach in America.

P.S. Wars ARE about geography.

After the initial shock has worn off, the next stage is usually one of classic denial, where they pretend that the news has not been given. They effectively close their eyes to any evidence and pretend that nothing has happened.

You can move a person out of denial by deliberately provoking them to anger.

Posted by: at March 4, 2006 12:52 PM

First, the man is the school's employee. He is hired to teach , and presumably not rant. If he is hired to rant, then the school, since it collects taxes from all sides of the spectrum needs to allow other equally extreme points of view.

Now, all of my so called "constitutionlists" out there consider this. Suppose he took a religious stance, preached his religious point of view,or gave a "prolife" perspective to geography? Should he be fired becuse he violated the "seperation of church and state" mantra or is he merely still exercising his "free speech" rights?

It does not matter either way, he is hired to do a job, I sincerely doubt if the school hired him to do what was recorded. No one has free speech rights at theier place of employment that trump their job responsibilities. If he worked for me, i would fire him so that he could have plenty of time to stand on the corner, on his soap box, and complain about the evil capitalistic system that stole his job!

Posted by: Randy at March 4, 2006 01:50 PM

Let me know when you can actually make a coherent argument instead of just insults and hyperbole. Until then, I'll simply assume you're against this guy's politics, and you presumably have no equivalent problem with teachers spouting uncritical patriotism.

Posted by: matt at March 4, 2006 04:42 PM

Oh--one more thing. Teaching about geopolitical controversies IS part of an advanced geography curriculum. "Geography" ain't just maps and never has been.

Posted by: matt at March 4, 2006 04:45 PM

You liberals don't get it. Your dead wrong if you think it is just about the guy's politics. It is because Bennish is spewing pure hatred and vitriol against this great country of ours and he is doing it to a captive audience of young kids and WE ARE PAYING HIM TO DO IT! Never mind that almost everthing he said is either extremely skewed or outright false.
The proof is if a teacher "spouted uncritical patriotism", is would not get him suspended (although it may get him or the school sued by the ACLU). That teacher wouldn't mind a tape of his class being played across country. If the left is so correct in their beliefs, why was he suspended? How come nobody in the news is standing up for the content of what Bennish is saying? Take a many people want this guy teaching their kids? Why are you defending this guy? You remind me of flag burners who burn the flag to "assert their right to free speech". How come it never occurred to a patriotic American to burn a flag to assert a freedom in this great country? They would assert their freedoms in a hundred thousand different ways and it would never, ever, ever occur to them to burn an American flag. What does that tell you about flag burners?...and people who support Bennish?
Bennish is an unpatriotic jerk who is abusing his position, abusing young students, and defrauding the tax payers. He deserves nothing but a one-way ticket to France, Russia, or China.
If you liberals practiced what you preach then there should be cameras in every classroom just like in police cars. But no, you and Ward Churchill refuse to let American taxpayers know what you are doing to our children behind closed doors. Just imagine what this country could do if the schools actually taught the good things about this country, the things that make this country great. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Posted by: Steve at March 5, 2006 12:35 AM

Thank you Steve, but Matt; you still don't get it. Bennish's position, regardless of point of view is:
1. Excessively personal and academically and rhetorically lazy and weak. Would lose any debate except those based purely on invective and grenade lobbing.
2. Does not reflect the curriculum he wrote to describe the course.
3. Is a waste of students time and therefore tax payer money.
4. Would only occur in a school system that lacks proper supervisory capacity. ( ie eastern slope Colorado, ( Dare I compare to Columbine?)
5. Can only be supported by people whose "blame America first" or, "Bush stole the election" sensibilites exceed their respect for the state's duty to provide a fair and intellectually accurate education.

Taping people like him should be happening everywhere. Only the most brain washed of the left will be convinced that our schools are NOT awash with Bennish types.

Posted by: Randy at March 5, 2006 07:50 AM

i believe it was frank zappa who said without deviation from the norm progress is not possible.

and as the son of a teacher i believe its the teachers role to provoke thought, not to inspire rehashing of all that has been taught, i personally wish there was a view in the media that says "hey we may be wrong here", and that goes for all views, liberal and conservative, just admit when you may be wrong... if you say "hey i screwed up" no one is going to look down at you but dont keep fighting a pointless brutal argument just to push a point home. and as far as the comments go that hes spouting half truths and lies, do yourselves a favor and find a source from outside the us (im not talking al jazeera, but something like a london or canadian newspaper) and look up things like cambodia (where we were the ones that put pol pot in power) and iraq (where we were the ones that sold them weaponry). bennish is being called insane because hes called for peace, and humanism, and appealing to the generation that could make it happen, because we dropped the ball on it. he says at about 4 points in that rant that these are his views. and encourages the students to find their own.
please everyone do what you will but harm none.
i know its hard to do, but if we all try we might be able to improve on our present situation.

Posted by: independent thought at March 5, 2006 07:51 AM

What is your point? You support Bennish because:
1. He represents progress? Do we need Bennish's kind of 'progress'? Please explain how spewing hatred of this country is progress and a good thing.
2. Teachers should invoke thought... . Great. I'm all for that. Is this the best way to invoke thought? Is this all we can expect out of our teachers? Do I want my kids to be capable of individual thought but full of lies and hate about capitalism and our country?
3. You want the media to admit when they are wrong. Considering they are 90% liberal...good luck with that one. Point out where I am wrong (Seriously, do it!) and you will see me admit my fault. You need to understand that hypocrisy is the cornerstone of the left and they CAN'T ADMIT THEY ARE WRONG OR THEY WOULD HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO STAND FOR!!!
4. You support Bennish because you believe there actually some truth behind his rhetoric? "look at Cambodia"...Yes, perhaps in hindsight, we supported one side and then later switched sides. What were the circumstances and intentions at the time? Should we just quit now because we made a mistake? Hmmmm...weren't we at war with Great Britain once? France? Soviets? Somehow, the fact that Pol Pot went on to kill millions, makes us the irredeemable bad guys? What about Germany and Japan? "America is the most vilolent country on earth (Bennish)" Well thank God for that otherwise we would be speaking German or Japanese. "America has the most WMDs (Bennish)" Thank God for that too otherwise we would be speaking Russian. And if liberals had their way and withdraw the military, cut defense spending, and implement their plan of appeasement, then you can count the days to when we will be speaking Arabic. So you throwing out a couple of minor points about America's mistakes somehow validates Bennish? How is it you should get away with ignoring the other 99% of US history? HOW? Please explain to me why you and Bennish HAVE TO look far and wide to find minor details to support yourselves but you can ignore the mountains of facts which prove you are dead wrong? You need to look at the big picture and the see entire score card. What happened to your precious "provoke thought" and free discusion? Why won't YOU PEOPLE tolerate the opposing side of the argument? Afraid the light of day will disinfect you?
4. Bennish calls for peace. Yes, peace is a good thing. The guy is brilliant (please don't quote this out of context like you do with everything else). However, show me where appeasement has gotten us peace. Explain to me how the "Religion of Peace" is correct in attacking us and killing 3000 Americans. Explain to me how throughout the past 225 years America hasn't instilled peace by winning the wars other people started. You do that and I will explain to you how a little retalliatory violence since Carter and the hostages might have prevented 9/11.
5. Humanism. Another good thing. America the benevolent. We provide the world with aid and assistance (clearly not the other way around). Clearly, in the last 100 years, the United States has done far more than it's fair share of putting the bad guys in their place, restoring peace, promoting prosperity (how many East Germans want to put the wall back up? How many North Koreans want to move south or vice versa?), and providing food and assistance. Nothing like waking up each morning in a communist dictatorship to give your dignity a boost.
6. "appealing to the generation that could make it happen...". Given what and how Bennish preaches, the only logical result would be for the students to hate America too and try to flee the US to go to the more "peaceful and humanistic" countries out there. Maybe we could set up an exchange program for liberals who hate America and the BILLIONS of people on this planet who would rather be here in our fine country.
7. You believe Bennish's open mind and class policies of invoking thought is how we are going to improve our present situation. Where in Bennish's rant did he propose a solution to the horrors he sees in America (kind of reminds you of the Democrats, doesn't it?). Exlain how you berate young students with a one-sided, factually dishonest, and historically ignorant rant against capitalism and America and then expect them to, on there own, research and disprove their paid teacher's statements and arrive at the correct conclusions? Why can't we expect teachers base their statements in fact and, perhaps, give BOTH sides of an argument? You are insane if you don't recognize this as blatant brainwashing of a captured audience of uninformed and impressionable young minds at taxpayers expense.
Bennish's behavior does not belong in a high school classroom..PERIOD! If you people believe his points have merit, let him run a blog, get a radio show, or go to a college classroom with a proper course description so at least the paying students don't have to sign up for the class. This again proves he is wrong because he CAN'T and won't do those things because he will have no audience. He is a COWARD to take his views to a high school classroom.

And finally, it isn't all retoric. Just take a minute and explain which point or fact I made was wrong or you disagree with. No rhetoric here...just the facts. And just watch how quick I am to correct myself. You won't see that from the left.

Posted by: Steve at March 5, 2006 11:36 AM

the simple fact is neither a capitolist or a communist society work at its core, and they both fall appart in the same place. simple human nature prepetuates greed, our capitolist society falls apart because we care more about the bottom line here than the needs of our people, but me im optimistic that through active thought and challenging the status quo, asking why when something is happening rather than cleaning up our mistakes later, that through voting and being active we can change the things that need to be changed, and take care of our populus and end some unemployment. but dealing with a problem as it happens does not mean acting pre-emptively, saddam was horrible to his people yes, but he wasnt dumb enough to attack us, i firmly believe that. the al queda iraq connection was a farce, thats been admitted and its pretty public knowlege that bin laden considers saddam an individual, ask any true muslim and they will tell you that the kohran has a live and let live policy to it, so by generalizing all musilims by the act of a radical right hand network is not proper, after all if we did that we'd have canned the 700 club by now (robertson has more than once publicly called for the assasination of a forign leader...
i really dont care, i vote when it comes up,and maybe my votes havent worked in the past but i dont give up. i dont want blind following of bennish, but to take his rhetoric as i take yours, with a grain of thought, watch all sides, read as much as you can and make up the decision for yourself. the republcans are lying to me now, the democrats lied to me in the past. the media has their intrests at stake too, theyre not gonna post an unpopular view that will lose them viewers, but on the same note, they wont piss off their bennifactors either, and their bennifactors own also help produce weapons (i believe ge operates at least one of the major networks and was at one time was a major producer of nuclear weapons) the point is everyone swindles you. watch the left watch the right watch the center and watch your back. because when you dont control your government people want to kill you.

i love this country and i love the fact i can sit there and debate with people, but debating requires both sides to understand each other a bit. theres been a label attached to communism, socialism, and the left that make them dirty words, but lets face it there wouldnt be shame in balencing our capitolism and democracy with hints of comunism or socialism, without a working class that can adiquitely support itself (im working two jobs to support myself and still fumbling in our economic situation) a society cant stand, you end up with a class war or worse. like i said
capitolism has its flaws, but communism falls apart in greed too, according to the marxist doctrine there isnt room in a truly communist state for a dictator. lets face it, no system of government or anarcy work, so our only option is to work our government off of the big company money, and back into the pockets of its people. and through work and voting i think we can do that. i advocate neither side here, i advocate debate, and until we can take care of ourselves, we need to stick to ourselves.

as far as deviation from the norm... challenge the status quo, ask questions and ask companys to be held accountable for their actions. our history is littered with violence as is everyone elses, we have torn down democracies because they didnt have our point of view. the reason pol pot was put in power is because it appeared at the time that he would be a us sympathy, not because he was a great leader.... but i rant, im sorry to go on so long you got me rebuttling so many different points and i dont have the time to rebuttle them all, but marking off someone as insane because their view is critical of yours is just stupid. take the criticism or ignore it, no one is gonna attack you in the street for disagreeing with them, not unless youve done something to provoke it.... our foreign policy is the listed source of the 9/11 attacks, ill accept that, so change the foreign policy and leave people to stand or fall on their own accord. and take care of the intrests of our citizens, not the intrest of the multi nationals. a government is not a multi national oraganization, or shouldnt be. lets fix it.
i said it before watch the left watch the right watch the center.... and watch your back.

Posted by: independent thought at March 5, 2006 03:08 PM

i ment infadel not individual... i apoligize that mistake was mine

Posted by: independent thought at March 5, 2006 03:10 PM

in re reading your arguments i will admit, im a horrible hypocrit at times but im not insane, however i also dont think bennish is brainwashing students. he has simply posted an opposing view, and when a student did stand up to debate it, he entered debate and backed his view, we all do that. altho its a bit one sided when you have several years experience and research behind your argument. his facts were off, he said we were in south america for 30 years, well if we went in somewhere circa 1980 which should be along the proper time line, its been 26, either way its around 20 years, the facts arent straight but still reasonably close, without looking it up can you tell me the year that we started in bosnia, probably not. im sorry for posting so much, its just with the right as it is with the left, a lot of people blindly following a leader and not asking questions. you seem to think im liberal because i disagree with your calling him insane, no his comments were not tactful, but teaching includes more than just one side of the story, and we dont have all sides of the story in any text book we have the side of whoever won whatever war. and lets face it a lot of the comments about "youd be speaking russian right now, or youd be speaking german or japaneese right now" are similarly unfounded. we won those wars, yes, but there was a lot of pro american propighanda then as it is now, and we as americans need to wade through the crap from both sides for the truth. i believe in our troops, i believe they do a wonderful job of defendinng our liberties, but we went to war previously as self defense; we didnt attack blindly not one but two countries for vengence in those cases, theres more at work than bush and the republicans have shown us, lets face it no one is willing to show us the truth, all i ask of you is to question the right as much as you question the left, thats all i ask. is it possible that bush may have stolen the first election? the swing state was run by his brother and there is research proving that some of the elective checks were left undone (not that youd look for them but the sources are on the rock against bush compilations put out by punk voter as well as other places, and the sources are cited, punk voter in and of itself is a non partisan organization based on getting truth out of politics not taking a side) he had a lot to gain in that spot, given the information ive found i dont trust the decision, but on the same note i think gore played poor looser in that case too, i dont accept his stance or his wifes on several issues, (let me see proof that music corrupts kids tipper...) like i said i appoligize that my tact and arguments have not been as well thought out as they were before. not insane. but not brainwashed either, by either side. the first question i hope anyone will ask is "who is it telling me this, and what do they have to gain from it?" a lot of conservatives want to maintain the status quo that "made us great" as a nation, but what they fail to realize is that status quo that made us great is a constant change, slavery was a mistake it took us a hundred years or more, but we fixed it, women have thier rights now, this is wonderful, but all this represents change, and change comes from question, so in maintianing part of the status quo we also must realize the world now is not as it was things have gotten more complicated and a modern time needs a modern solution. i just want to live and let live, but there must be a balence of progress as well a status quo, no revolution but an evolution. rather than blindly bashing the left try to see thier side, as i try to see yours, i may not still agree but i may have been able to appreciate it a little more if some of it wasnt the same rehashed arguments and passive agressive name calling that ive faced many times from the conservative pool; or assuming i share the same exact views of mr bennish. i may not agree with everything he says but i dont agree with everything you say either, that doesnt make me insane, it just means ive thought about both sides and i think you both tend to be full of shit and your arguments tend to show the same lack of research. just my call, lets use the often controversial michael moore as an example here:
ive read michael moores work, i watched bowling for columbine, i thought he raised good questions, but i also thought he failed to follow through on the answers, is he right? not completely, but there is a litlle something there sometimes that we should ask about and discuss with each other.

we're all failable from both sides, it just happens that my distrust right now is with the way things are run, and we need to organize and make a change.

when you give up the ability to question your govenment, you fall into a dictatorship, and i dont feel im able to question my government because there are so many people out there that jump all over me when i openly ask "are we doing the right thing by invading other nations when ours is still falling to shit?" i want answers. and i want to not be told im a terrorist or a sympathiser because i raise a question of autority. im just doing what everyone else is or should be, watching my back.

Posted by: independent thought at March 5, 2006 04:46 PM

Dear Independent Thought,
You ARE a liberal. Not simply because "you disagree with me calling him insane", but because of 95% of what you say and how you say it. You can't argue point for point. YOU just respond with more ridiculous rhetoric and your rhetoric is pure liberal BS.

I said "You are insane if you don't recognize this as blatant brainwashing of a captured audience of uninformed and impressionable young minds at taxpayers expense." Since you said you don't think Bennish was brainwashing (look up the definition) and you arguments are pure foolishness, then I think you are insane (look that definition up while you are at it).
I am all for debate. I actually am open minded, as you only claim to be. Why can't you explain to me why the points I make are wrong? If liberals are actually correct and I am actually wrong, please explain why to me. I really want to know why.
1. You don't think Bennish was brainwashing (partly because you don't understand the definition), but are you implying that YOU still think it is appropriate to have him teaching our kids in high school? Yes or No please.
2. Do you think the majority of parents (majority means more than half) want Bennish teaching their kids? Yes or No?
3. Assume the majority of parents don't want Bennish to teach their kids, do you think they should have the power to replace him? Yes or No?
3. Do you think the kids are a captive audience? Yes or No?
3. Clearly you think Bennish was engaging in an acceptable form of debate for a high school students and I think (along with the majority of this country-just read the news) he was propaganizing with a one-sided, factually dishonest, and historically ignorant rant against capitalism and America. Is it more appropriate to take this type of teaching and message to a college instead of high school? Yes or No?
4. IF you continue to believe Bennish should continue to teach high school students the way he is teaching, do you think they should extend the school day to add an extra period for World Geography so the students will at least be taught some world geography? Yes or No.
5. You stated that I tend to be full of shit and my arguments tend to show a lack of research. Please explain which exact statement is wrong and why. I will open my mind to rethinking my statements if you help explain why I don't get it. Please be specific.

Please note my original statement that this was not about Bennish's politics but "It is because Bennish is spewing pure hatred and vitriol against this great country of ours and he is doing it to a captive audience of young kids and WE ARE PAYING HIM TO DO IT!" You are the one who brought up all this extranious crap which has nothing to do with the overall point. You, as a liberal, would do well to analyze each specific sentence I make and honestly decide for yourself whether you agree with it or not. Reread it, point by point, and decide "Yes, I agree" or "No, I desagree". Then, take the parts you disagree with and briefly explain why I am wrong. Surely, if liberalism is a correct and honorable, you should be able to explain why I am wrong and you are right. Try it. I am dying to know why I am wrong.

Posted by: Steve at March 6, 2006 12:00 AM

Take it easy there, boys. I'm posting my "comment guidelines" tomorrow. In the meantime, I would recommend easier-to-read paragraph structure. :)

Welcome to the site. I'm glad you're here. Just keep it on topic, and please refrain from ad hominems.

Thank you ever so much,
The site owner

Posted by: Portia at March 6, 2006 12:14 AM

if you cannot read my comment, as a whole, as what it is, a damning of both sides for pushing pointless argument just to say that might "im right", then you seem to be as foolish and closed minded as i worried you were, i was hoping that youd come back with your sources this time so i could take your views as researched. but alas you did not. so to answer your questions, no i dont think this was brainwashing, these kids are old enough to have formed their own opinions and to disagree, this is obvious by the one kid that stood up to him. at last poll check the republicans were down, i dont think the majority of parents will agree with the arguments bennish has pulled up; however i also dont think they would mind an alternative viewpoint being taught in schools.

i think the parents do have the power to ask that someone be replaced, however stripping a person of their job because of a possibly isolated incident (if you prove this wrong i want your sources cited so i can read it myself).

i do not believe the kids to be a captive audience, theyve since walked out of class in protest of his suspension, so it seems if they truly felt something was amiss they would walk out. like i said, by that age the children have already furnished their own views, so what bennish says becomes inconsequetntial.

i think debate like this needs to be started at a high school level; and as far as a world geography, i think a true class on world culture needs to be taught rather than the contunous damning of culture that we do as a nation at this point. (before this gets taken out of context, let me point out that you seem to express a passive fear others way of life, weather it be a communist idea, a socialist one, muslim, arabic or otherwise; but at the same time claim remain open minded, your comments of "thank god for that otherwise wed be speaking (insert language here)" express a fear of the unknown.

" factually dishonest, and historically ignorant rant against capitalism and America." ive seen this term used more than once by you in some form or another, and to me it seems that any rant if even slightly anti american is wrong to yourself and the right; but do you even think about it before saying it? is it possible that the right has brainwashed you as you fear the left is brainwashing with equily unbalenced rhetoric? you classify me as a liberal because i appearantly need classification... hows this for classification, a pro equality feminist, humanist, who would like to see world peace but knows that the idea of peace through violence is contradictory. that understands that violence perpetuates violence, and that understands that he needs to step back down and back out, i can see you wont ever agree and i can accept that, but i can also see you could use some practice citing your sources too. so as i go please do everyone a favor and find an unbiased source that backs up this point of view.... "America has the most WMDs (Bennish)" Thank God for that too otherwise we would be speaking Russian."

good night, and good luck.

Posted by: independent thought at March 6, 2006 05:43 AM

Indy, please answer these questions. Succinctly if you don't mind, no deflections, ok?

1. Is Bennish an employee? Yes or no.
2. Are you an employee? Yes or no.
3. Are employees entitled to unrestricted free speech? Yes or no. Are u?
4. Who is a public school teacher's employer?
5. Should the public be permitted school vouchers?
6. Do you support a woman's right to "choose"?
7.What if Bennish had ranted in a decidedly religious manner?
8.Does "separation of church and state" take precedence over "free speech"?
9. Are there any democracies in the middle east?
10. How do you feel about today's Supreme Court decision regarding military recruiting on college campuses.

Please answer and then we can debate. OK?

Posted by: Randy at March 6, 2006 05:22 PM

randy to tell you the truth, im actually done with the debates here, im sorry ive caused emily some trouble in starting my rants here and im actually going to keep them to my journal, i was in part out of line and im going to back down and swallow my pride before i choke on it and im sorry you came in at the end, but i will answer one of your questions, just because its a point i missed previous and did want to address in a previous rant,

my basic belief on religion is its a private thing, and needs to remain as such. it can guide you and only you in your personal decisions and what many fundementalists of any stripe fail to realize is those are your decisions; and your decisions should not be imposed on others, so i guess this means ill adress 2 points of yours, i believe a woman has the right to chose yes, it may not be a choice i agree with the morality of, but as a person it is still her right to do.

which brings me to my point on bennish and placement of his argument, i agree with some of his views, and yes they need to be expressed in a high school classroom, along with the balenced side from the right, which is already expressed in the texts of the school system. if he were on a religious rant, yes id have just as much problem with it, i dont want a left rant or a right one, i want a balenced view expressed to the young adults so they can decide for themselves, but the schools put forth a conservative view that still has taints of propighanda left over from years ago, when it may have been relivent, and it needs to be balenced out, because the first step to fixing our problem in world view (we have a lot of international enemies right now, in a reccent poll we were 2nd behind iran for most hated... that poll may be a little slanted (i havent researched the source of it) but probably not by much)is to admit we may be wrong about things. like i said randy, unfortunately im done here, because in my quest to get all views seen i inadvertantly overstepped my prime view of "do what ye will but harm none" randy if you really want to discuss theology thats a whole nother ballpark with me, and my upbringing really has effected that one; but if you want to handle that, ill email you on response.

i do ask however in my departure that emily email me at the address here, so i can at least apoligize for generating a firestorm in her personal chunk of webspace. i ask however that the rest of you respect me enough as a human being to not use my personal email for contact; its not that i dont think you have valid views and points that need to be considered as well as the left, its just im chosing to move on in my life from these timultious few days.

Posted by: independent thought at March 6, 2006 07:56 PM

Where did Jay Bennish go to school? Graduate college?

Posted by: bmanley at March 7, 2006 06:06 AM

This guy is a idiot he doesnt stand on anything and he should be fired for giving his person views more then a conversation.
Everytime they ask him a question he evades the answer a standard liberal response.

Posted by: Denvercon at March 7, 2006 06:26 PM

I have proudly served my country voluntarily in the U.S. Army. I have felt and been given the respect of this country's citizens. I firmly believe in my country's values and beliefs. If you like the other point of view (the U.S. is the enemy or the U.S. is on the wrong side of the political spectrum than the rest of the world.)Then take this advice. Go to the nearest airport. Quickly race to one of the ticket counters and buy a one way ticket to Iran or Iraq. Next, race down the terminal so as not to be late, and get on the fastest plane you can afford to book, and finally get the hell out of this country and off of my team. Go wave another country's flag. You most likely have never waved the flag of the United States of America. So, enjoy your first attempt at patriotism on the other team.

Posted by: U.S. Paratrooper at March 8, 2006 06:57 PM

if this guy were to teach at my school in maine he would quit within seconds. i've heard the entire audio and how he blocked out the opposing view, if that were my history class he would be the one getting shut out. his defense is trying to get the students to think about it defferently, how would he know if they were thinking about it if they weren't talking. in my class knowing we were thinking about it would consist of a conversation not a lecture.
this guy is an idiot and i dunno about the students who just sat there and listened to that B.S!

Posted by: anderson, Ashley at March 9, 2006 08:08 AM

My poor teacher, i'm glad he's coming back to school. He is the best teacher i've had by far.
Ashley Anderson, there are class conversations every week. The class puts the desks in a circle and openly discuss their oppinions. So many people think they know Mr. Bennish all based off of one recorded clip and the way the media made things seem, "teacher compared bush to hilter". Horrible.
If you can praise President Bush, you can also do the opposite.

Posted by: Kelly at March 12, 2006 01:01 AM

please tape another "debate" in which Mr. Bennish is pro-Bush, then we'll stop calling him a nutter.

what? he won't? some debate.

Posted by: MacStansbury at March 12, 2006 01:58 PM