Since Emily would kill me...

I mean, literally get on a plane, get in a cab, drive to my house, break down the door, find a blunt object and crush my skull in...

I won't post the pictures I made for the Painting the Map Red Contest.

But, if you're stout of heart, and you've any desire to see Britney Spears swooning over a bare-chested Hugh Hewitt (or, you just wanna see a bare-chested Hugh Hewitt (or, I guess, if you just wanna see Britney Spears swooning)) then you can see my entry here.

Images Not Safe For Suggestible Single Women Who Like Brainy Men

Posted by Macabee at March 31, 2006 11:02 AM | TrackBack

Would you say that single women who like brainy men are characteristically suggestible?

I take umbrage at that comment.

Posted by: Portia at April 1, 2006 04:08 PM