Not Returning Evil for Evil...

In an earlier post Emily quotes de Tocqueville and Patrick Henry on what makes this country great. Our president exemplified this by his response to the news that three earthquakes leveled Iranian villages, killed 70, wounded 1200 and left thousands homeless.

President Bush offered assistance despite the major differences the U.S. has with Tehran over its nuclear program.
"We, obviously, have our differences with the Iranian government, but we do care about the suffering of Iranian people," Bush said at a news conference with the leaders of Mexico and Canada.

"Our differences with the Iranian government" is no doubt diplomatic code, but translates to me as a gross understatement. Just two differences off the top of my head: Iran wants to destroy Israel; that's a big difference. Iran would take any opportunity to nuke the West; another really, really big difference.

But when people are suffering, America always offers to step in, regardless of the differences. What a great country we live in.

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When we do good, no one remembers; when we do bad, no one forgets.

Posted by: Barry at April 1, 2006 04:59 AM