Padua Student Speaks Out

Kasey Ketterer, a student at the now famous Delaware school, gives her take on the events surrounding the video that highlighted students' rather poor handle on vocabulary and 20th century American events.

[The boys'] goal in creating this video? To make Padua students look stupid. And boy, did they succeed. It doesn't matter how many girls said "No" to signing the guys' petition (which, to clarify, was probably more than the one girl shown on the video). The fact that even one girl does not know what the word "suffrage" means astounds me....

So let it suffice to say that I am now quite embarrassed to be seen in my Padua uniform in public. The only reason I'm not ridiculously angry with the kids from Sallies is that they proved their point. The guys went out of their way to make us all look stupid, and while the actions of a few girls shouldn't represent the rest of us, the fact of that matter is, they do. A handful of girls have made the other roughly 580 of us appear much less intelligent than we actually are.

Read the rest here. It's worth it to hear what she has to say.

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