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Eric Shawn has been making the radio talk-show circuit promoting his book, The U.N. Exposed: How the U.N. Sabotages America's Security and Fails the World.

A description from Amazon:

The U.N. Exposed will give you a rare insider's tour of the United Nations, focusing on many disturbing aspects that have been ignored by the mainstream media.

You will learn for instance:

€ how U.N.-supervised funds were diverted into weapons used against American troops € how terrorists and rogue states seeking nuclear weapons flout toothless U.N. resolutions € how our allies' selfish economic interests drive U.N.-backed challenges to America's sovereignty € how kickbacks, bribes, and corruption have pervaded the highest echelons of the U.N. € how U.N. ambassadors and staff enjoy luxurious and tax-free Manhattan lifestyles and other perks € how U.N. workers have repeatedly turned children into their sexual prey
Shawn's own words to NationalReviewOnline:
“The U.N. has been incapable of confronting the gravest issues of our time, from terrorism to nuclear proliferation,” Eric Shawn tells National Review Online. “ It should stand as a beacon of hope and humanity. But instead, that ideal has been perverted by compromise, appeasement, and graft.”

A complete and total housecleaning of the U.N. is long overdue.

Update: Sorry the link to NationalReviewOnline is not own computer ineptitude.

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