That's Why We Love Sam

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito broke a tie today that ruled Kansas's death penalty constitutional.

By a 5-to-4 vote, the justices said the Kansas Supreme Court incorrectly interpreted the Eighth Amendment's protection against cruel and unusual punishment to strike down the state's death penalty statute.

The dissenters, the four liberal members of the high court, bitterly complained about the decision.

Liberals bitterly complaining...and this is news?

I guess murderers will have to stand the tiny burning sensation before they pay the ultimate price for their heinous crimes.

Posted by Portia at June 26, 2006 07:19 AM | TrackBack

The Libs called the law "Morally Absurd". Why? Well, apparently the shooting, stabing, slitting, and burning of your child's mommy, and the subsequent death of your child from the flames, isn't "morally" wrong enough to warrant death (preferrably instant, but death nonetheless).

Well, that's justice for ya!

Posted by: Nasa Nerd at June 26, 2006 12:24 PM