Mini Me

Browsing my archives while I was supposed to be working, I found this photo and had to share it with those who have not been acquainted with Portia Rediscovered for very long.

Here's the story:

For Christmas of 2003, my parents bought me the hugely popular Ann Coulter action figure. It didn't arrive until sometime around February due to demand.

Just after I had received it in the mail, I attended a going away party for two of my Marine Corps friends who were being deployed for their second tour in Iraq. When they saw my doll, and we began to listen to her soundbites, they joked about taking something like that to Iraq. I decided they could take mine, but only if they took pictures of her at various landmarks throughout their deployment.

Much to my surprise, they actually did. This is Ann standing by while Sgt. Anthony Roth registered to vote (in either Kuwait or Iraq.)

Ann went MIA within a month or two of their being gone. While we'll never know what happened to her, and I still have yet to replace her, she served her country well. RIP Little Ann, wherever you are.

Here are some more photos of the boys with Ann:

Ann on her way to Iraq.

In the Sandbox at last.

I have some other classics somewhere in my pc. I might post them some other time. In one of them, the boys actually dressed her up in a flight suit with aviator sun glasses. Now, where did I put them...

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