Ok, So I Leave For Two Weeks and This Happens?!

First of all, I love Japan. Just needed to get that out there....

Now here's my problem: A few "fauxtographers", as they're called, are using doctored or staged photos to support their views that Israel is the real bad guy in this little war. I leave for two weeks and almost all heck breaks loose in the Graphics area of the world. I am ashamed at my profession! (yeah, so I'm not a real graphic designer, I just sit in front of a desk doing simple publications and flyers. Not the most glorious of jobs, but hey, I have my reasons.)

I'm sorry, but this just goes to show how low the Left will stoop to put their agenda ahead of the truth. I'm a little surprised that they would alter photos, but I did have to remember that this is coming from a long line of lying, cheating politicians (not to say that the Right doesn't have its fair share of liars and cheaters, we just don't alter cold hard truth...like saying a pile of burning tires and garbage is a downed Israeli fighter jet...)

(Hat Tip: LGF and Michelle Malkin)

Next on my "Rant-Targetting-Scopes": The stupid spam commenters. I hate them with an intense passion. I had to delete three "comments" today, all within about 5 minutes. The worst part about it? I have to rebuild the site for their comments to be deleted properly. It makes me want to become a hacker and screw with these companies....yeeeeessssssss......MUAHA-HAHAH-HAHAHAA—**Thud**

(Yes, I'm a bit jet lagged. A 10 hour flight back in time can take it's toll on people. Considering I had about the longest Tuesday in personal history, it's not too far fetched that I would be exhausted, especially since I was up until at least 3 a.m. this morning for no good reason other than my stupid brain wouldn't shut up. Now I can't really get it to keep going. Must keep moving for fear of falling asleep...)

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