He's At It Again

I was perusing the headlines at Drudge when this one caught my eye: Cigarette Smoking Significant Contributor to Gobal Warming. *Sigh* Will Gore ever just go away?!

Speaking as one who considers smoking a detestable habit, it is a legal substance and people are free to use it, just not in my direction, please.

Those liberal stalwarts of privacy and personal freedoms don't blink an eye when they pass legislation that erodes those freedoms, as long as the caveat is "it's for your own good." Well, their aim to snuff out the tabacco industry on a micro level didn't work as well as they hoped when they raised taxes on packs, or banned cigarette ads and banned smoking in bars or restaurants. So now it's time to light up the macro! Instead of being for our own personal good, it's now for "the preservation of civilization."

On a similar note, the NYC Health Department wants to regulate what kind of fats restaurants use in their cooking. No artificial trans fatty acids allowed. Remember, it's for our own good.

Posted by Mutti at September 29, 2006 12:24 PM | TrackBack