Islam Has No First Amendment

This ought to send at least a small shiver throughout the media.

KISMAYO, Somalia, Sept 29 (Reuters) - Islamist gunmen who captured the Somali port of Kismayo have forcibly closed a private broadcaster which they accuse of distorting news about protests against the takeover, journalists said on Friday.
Islamist official Ibrahim Shukri said the station had spread false information.
"We saw them as a danger to security. They have a responsibility and should not report false news," he said.

Here's the "false" news according to eyewitnesses:

Shukri denied reports a boy was killed in a protest and that his [Shukri's] fighters burnt a Somali flag upon arrival on Monday. Both had been widely reported by media, sourcing eyewitnesses.

Shukri responds:

"The flag was not burnt, it was lowered. ... Yesterday they falsely reported we arrested women, tortured and raped them while in our custody. These are serious and false accusations."
The Islamists' spokesman, Abdirahim Ali Mudey, said: "The radio station remains closed until the management apologises and they prove where they got the false information from."

Throw out constitutional rights and human rights; don't need them. Life is just so simple under Islam that it can be summed up in one word: submission.


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