Fair Play

Almost as if he had read NasaNerd's anti-epic interview of the Swiss and French soccer teams, The Weekly Standard's Jonathan V. Last explains to the masses the reasons why American's aren't giddy Europeans when it comes to soccer:

Why don't we like soccer? We all play it when we're young. According to the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, more than 17 million Americans played soccer in 2006, putting it just behind basketball and football in team sports popularity. And in those other sports, you don't even get orange slices at halftime...

But there is one obstacle to soccer acceptance that seems insurmountable: the flop-'n'-bawl.

Turn on a World Cup game, and within 15 minutes you'll see a grown man fall to the ground, clutch his leg and writhe in agony after being tapped on the shoulder by an opposing player. Soccer players do this routinely in an attempt to get the referees to call foul. If the ref doesn't immediately bite, the player gets up and moves along.

Making a show of your physical vulnerability runs counter to every impulse in American sports. And pretending to be hurt simply compounds the outrage.

So, it's settled. Read the rest of his anti-soccer thesis here.

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Interesting and yet seems so true!

Posted by: Cassiewilliams at June 24, 2006 06:37 PM