May 27, 2004

There's always tomorrow...

So, I was going to blog something tonight, but I'm finding that all of the sudden my eyelids weigh about 10 pounds each. I'll just give vital info now and really blog tomorrow.

So, we finally welcomed home our dear friend Nick Fierro. He arrived a little before midnight on Tuesday, and I can't even describe how wonderful it was to see him (the lack of description might also have something to do with my lack of sleep, therefore lack of brain power). I have some pictures of our reunion in "The Boys" photo album. Check them out. I'll post more about the whole experience tomorrow.

Please keep Tony in your prayers, as he'll be there until sometime in September. We don't want to forget about him being there.

Well, I can't really feel my fingers right now, so I think that's my cue to hit the hay. Until tomorrow...

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May 20, 2004


I'm on cloud nine, musically speaking. I spent most of this afternoon and evening learning from and enjoying the music of the Yellowjackets, and their keyboardist Russ Ferrante. I've was captivated by their music when I first saw them in concert about 5 years ago. Russ made me cry, he was so good. I've been a fan ever since, and today I, along with Ryan, was privileged enough to be allowed into a clinic with Russ for an hour and a half. Ryan went to a clinic with their guitarist Robben Ford, and then we were both able to attend their concert this evening, all free of charge.

All I can say is they are amazing. I was smiling and laughing through the whole concert, they're that good. They just bring so much joy to the table. I did miss their saxophonist, but they brought back Will Kennedy and Robben, who haven't played with them for years, and it was just incredible. If there's one person I'd love to sound like before I leave this planet, it's Russ Ferrante. Not only is he a piano god, but he's so completely humble.

They played two of my favorite songs tonight: Revelation and Imperial Strut. I only wish they'd have played more balads, and the Il Postino theme song. But hey, beggars can't be choosers, and I had a blast. I hope it works for me to go to school at M.I. next year. I'll keep you posted.

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When your eyes are bigger than your stomach

So I've always been known to take on more than I can handle, bite off more than I can chew, but this has got to be one of the funniest attempts I've ever made. So, if you've been reading my blog at all you know that I'm taking a wonderfully out-of-this-world sabbatical this summer, starting in Italy and ending with a 10 day seminar on C.S. Lewis. I couldn't be more excited and overwhelmed.

However, I realized that in order to be a responsible and informed member of this seminar, I really need to brush up on and read all of Lewis' books. Well, I began making my list of what I need to accomplish. As it turns out, I have approximately 28 books to read between now and July 19. Twenty-eight! If I can read one book every two to three days, I'll be fine. But, keep in mind that these aren't the Left Behind series. These include Mere Christianity, Weight of Glory, The Four Loves, A Grief Observed, and dozens of other very weighty, and often very lengthy books. I laugh every time I think about what I'm attempting. But, this is me. :) I function the best under stress and pressure of the super-human kind. :)

So if you find me declining social invitations, don't think I'm rude, I'm just insane.

Well that's all I have to say for myself right now. Oh, I do have to say that I lost count of how many times I checked my own blog yesterday and this morning just to see Brad Pitt. lol. Wow.

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May 19, 2004

Epic? Well...

Last night I went with some great friends of mine to see Troy. I had read most of the well-written reviews on the movie, and all were mixed. They said there were moments of brilliance mixed in with mediocre, made-for-daytime-soaps material. We went in with such low expectations, that I think we came out actually liking the film. It wasn't amazing, but who expects anything epic from Hollywood anymore.

There were quite laughable parts (that obviously weren't supposed to be) and there were some really compelling fight scenes. The best being the duel between Hector and Achilles, oh, and the fireball scene. If you've scene the film, you know what I'm talking about.

So, here's a breakdown of the best and worst parts of the movie. The best part, in my opinion, was watching Brad Pitt for two and a half hours. :) I mean, Hello! ... wow

There was plenty of eye candy for the females in the audience. For once, it wasn't the women constantly stripping down. I was surprised. Brad Pitt was simply unbelievably gorgeous in this film. I've always thought he was (in films), but this was something else. There's no possible way that man could have added that much muscle to his otherwise lean and muscular frame without some type of steroid, though. It was worth it. :)

The worst part of the movie was the score. It was horrendous. I've never heard such poorly orchestrated and inappropriately placed music. There would be moments of intimate conversation between lovers and you'd hear abrasive trumpets wailing. It was bizarre. I heard elements of Braveheart in there, so I guessed it was James Horner. I was right. He needs to go back to school to get some new inspiration. It was sooooo bad. There were times I would outright laugh at the score. That's bad, seeing as I know half as much as Horner.

I didn't care for the story. They left so much out of it, as they had to, but they left out really key elements in my opinion. Petroclus, who is portrayed as Achilles cousin in the film, was actually his friend and lover. There was absolutely no reference to how sick they were, sexually speaking. Bisexuality and homosexuality were a tremendous part of that culture, and they left that out completely. They also made the audience think that most of these men were honorable, and whatnot, but in reality, most were quite despicable most of the time. Achilles had his moments, but they were all slightly off-kilter in some way.

They made the war seem like it lasted days, when it really lasted somewhere between 10-12 years. The Trojan horse appeared to be made within days and brought into Troy within days of the war starting, but the horse was brought in in the ninth year of fighting. A lot was left out. And a lot was completely changed. This was all so unnecessary. The stor is fascinating without Hollywood, and for them to take artistic license with something that stood the test of time for thousands of years is somewhat ludicrous.

There's much to write on the subject, and maybe I will, but this post is becoming far too long. I recommend seeing the movie, kind of. :)

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May 18, 2004

Long way home

As I write this, Nick is on his way home. All I can say is, Thank you, Jesus. It will take him a little over a week to get back here, but the point is, he's on his way. What a tremendous relief. Though I'm not sure I'll know what to write about once he's back in the States. (I'll work it out, I'm sure.) :)

Tony is doing well. He's just been made the Platoon guide. Apparently, he's in charge of the platoon in an administrative manner. I'm not sure how it all works. Sounds like a big deal, however. Nick said that the Sgt. in charge really needed help, so he promoted Tony. Nick said that this promotion means he's mostly out of harm's way. Also a relief.

This news puts all of us in much better spirits. Listening to Keith Urban sing "Somebody Like You" is also really helping. (Love him!)

I'm feeling the time crunch in preparing for Europe, however.

I've got to send in my check for the remainder of the cost of my C.S. Lewis program. That will be a strange feeling, watching all the finances I've saved for months disappear within seconds. The experience will last a lifetime, and that's what matters. I think vacations are a great investment in yourself. I will be saving for them every year from now on. You should too.

Well, I've gotta get some things taken care of and get going to make more money to spend in Italy. :) So excited, but very nervous about things all coming together. They will, I know it.

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May 14, 2004

Thanks :p

So I've quickly realized that when I want people to post, they don't; and when I'm indifferent, they post like the wind. So, this post is dedicated to all you non-posters or posters who don't actually say anything relevant *cough, my brother!*

Thanks for the laughs. Someday I'll have my vengeance. Someday. :)

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The news lately, and just the state of the world in general, has been so depressing, that I decided I couldn't handle it anymore. This morning, I woke up feeling so spiritually burdened. But I decided to cast my cares upon the Lord, and as I began to worship and ask the Holy Spirit to take any burden I've needlessly placed on myself and replace it with His burden, I felt about 30 pounds lighter. (Too bad that doesn't work with weight loss :)

I was listening to Dennis Prager the day after the Nick Berg atrocity happened, and he said that we all are capable of fighting for our country. He mentioned that there are a number of ways to defend the America we love without enlisting (this was an encouragement to those who cannot serve or aren't called to it). He said he made a decision when he was around my age to fight for and defend the values of this great nation, and he's been fighting on his radio show ever since. That encouraged me because I'm certainly not cut out for the armed forces. Are you kidding? The first time someone barked orders at me, I'd yell back, "You don't have to yell. So rude!" :)

So, this post is dedicated to finding ways that we all can fight for the values we hold dear that are being destroyed by liberal America and Islam. Let me know what you're doing, or what you think we could do. I really would love to read your suggestions.

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May 12, 2004


I wish I had more to say today, but I am completely at a loss in the face of all that's happened in Iraq. The brutal, brutal killing of Nick Berg is unlike anything I've ever seen. For those who are still not convinced that we are fighting pure evil, you must watch the video of him being beheaded. Most links are shutting down because so many people are trying to access the footage, but keep trying. I haven't seen the thing in it's entirety, with audio that is. The fact that they sawed off his head paralyzes me. Sawed it off, while screaming over his screams, "Allah Akbar" or "Allah is Great". I'm going to stop before streams of profanity stream from my otherwise non-profane mouth.

God be with the Bergs and all our men and women over in the "axis of evil."

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May 11, 2004

Loss for words, kind of..

I have had so many things going on and so many things to say that I can't think of them right now. Does that ever happen to you? I've just got so much, I don't know where to start, and I'm not quite sure where I'd end up...even scarier prospect.

To summarize the events of the last few days:
I had a crazy weekend. Helped Joe and Liz move. Went to a great Sweet 16 party. Got no sleep. Visited old friends. Heard from Nick (so relieved). Learned that motherhood is far more than it's cracked up to be. Made a lovely dinner for mom with mom-less (due to location) friends.

I think that's about it. I was in knots not hearing back from Nick for so long. Especially after he'd told me how scary his brief was before his latest mission. I'm so glad he's back and safe. I can't wait until he gets home. I hope it's soon. We're going to make such a scene when we see him...can't wait.

I'm horrified by the news coming out of Iraq. Have you checked Fox News?

Apparently, there's footage of an American being beheaded by terrorists. I can hardly breathe. I'm so sickened. I'm sure it's not going to be shown by the major media outlets, though they've bombarded us with images of our grotesque actions toward POW's. Now, I am ashamed of what happened, mostly because those reckless soldiers made vulnerable every last soldier in the middle east. They risked the safety of their fellow soldiers, and for that, they should be severely punished. However, we won't see images of what Palestinians and other terrorists do to innocents because that would support the war, and God forbid the media do that. Oy, I don't wanna go down this track right now. Too many emotions about the whole situation as it is.

Well, have a lovely Tuesday. I'm listening to country music more than ever, because it reminds me that the whole world isn't going to hell. :) at least yet.... :)

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May 05, 2004

Call to Prayer

I'm not sure how many of you know this, but even if you did, I think it's vitally important that it is talked about ad nauseum until people work up the courage to stand up to this.

Our country is in danger. Christianity is being subjected to the worst persecution in our nation's history, and now we're faced with another threat: the threat of Islam. Now, I don't have a problem with your average peace loving muslim (not too many of them however), but I do have a problem with them immigrating to my country and having the audacity to trample our religious and consitutional rights by blasting their prayers over loud speakers 5 times a day. All this after their fellow believers incinerated 3,000 of my fellow Americans.

Yesterday, the city council in a small Michigan town approved an ordinance that allows for a mosque to scream their prayers in an uknown language over a loud speaker 5 times a day, at 2 minutes a pop. The council members in favor compared the prayers to the sounds of church bell chimes. (I'm really trying to maintain a healthy blood pressure level right now.) Can you begin to imagine what it would be like to wake up in your good 'ol hometown at 6 a.m. to the sound of a man singing in some Middle Eastern tongue: Allah is great. Allah is the only god. and on and on?!?! Six in the morning waking up to the sounds of a religion that still crucifies Christians and murders their daughters when their brothers rape and impregnate them, to preserve the family's honor of course.

The lack of coverage of this story shows the absolute hypocricy of the left-leaning media. Yesterday, a headline was up on AP that said people were up in arms about a coach giving a kid a "cry baby" award. But there wasn't ONE word on this story. Not one.

Where's the ACLU? Oh, they're out tearing down another cross...a symbol that makes no noise and only seems to bother them. Can't touch the Muslims...that's not pc, though they nearly decimated our country. I'm furious (in case you didn't notice:). I have friends in Iraq right now fighting in a war against members of this religion who want to not only kill them, but revel in tearing apart the bodies of charred Americans. Unbelievable. And we let them blast their prayers throughout one of our cities!

Guys, we have got to pray. This cannot be allowed. This country cannot become Islamic. If you read the message boards talking about this story, the muslims on there are in unison: our grandchildren will be muslim...this is the future for the United States.

Not if I can help it.

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May 04, 2004

Mea Culpa

Oy! How long has it been since I posted?...three days or something?! A thousand apologies to those obssesive blog checkers nearing the realm of stalking. Life has a funny way of killing free time. I'm cherishing the experience of learning time management :)

There would be much to report on if I were to simply regurgitate the events of this past weekend (*cough, Katy*), but it's not very interesting to me when I repeat it, so my theory is that it won't be that interesting for you to hear it. :)

I am learning to trust a select few movie reviewers. I ignored the cries of those who screamed at the top of their lungs that The Alamo was an atrocity. And this week, I caved to peer pressure and saw Laws of Attraction. Now, I have to give a disclaimer. I wanted to see a fun movie with my friends, so I was willing to go.

But I had heard Michael Medved, who I have learned to trust completely, give a review mentioning the lack of chemistry between the characters and the lack of true comedy. He was right on both accounts. The film wasn't nearly as funny as you could see they wanted it to be, and let's face it, Julianne Moore was just not meant for comedy. The movie wasn't near horrible though (Pierce Brosnan was quite enjoyable), and it ended well, which salvaged the many boring scenes from the beginning of the film. I had a great time with my friends, which was ultimately the point, so there nothing was lost.

On the topic of our Marines (sorry Katy), Nick should be coming home soon, but he emailed me today that he will be leaving on a week mission that sounds pretty dangerous. He said their briefing was quite scary, but assured me that most of their missions have not turned out nearly as bad as they thought. But he asked for lots of prayer for this next week. They're going to need it. Pray that God keeps him safe before his return home.

That's about all I can think to write now. Hope you all had a productive and exciting weekend. I'm going to go walk my dog and go to work. Ciao!

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